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A woman who sent her three year old son called Jihad to school in a T shirt marked “Jihad, Born September 11, I am a bomb” was fined and given a suspended jail sentence by a French court.

Bouchra Bagour was found guilty of condoning a criminal act, along with her brother Zeyad, who bought the child the T shirt recalling Islamist militant group al Qaeda’s attacks on air max 1 New York on Sept 11, 2001, that killed close to 3,000 people.

The matter ended up in court after Jihad went to his nursery school in Sept 2012 wearing the T shirt, upsetting staff and prompting a local official to take legal action.

Overturning an earlier acquittal, the appeals court in Nimes fined the woman 2,000 and gave her a one year suspended jail sentence, doubling that fine and suspended jail sentence for the uncle.

Bagour, air max 1 35 at the time of air max 1 the first ruling, had admitted that sending air max 1 her child to school wearing the T shirt had been “tactless”, but insisted it was not meant as provocation.

Her brother Zeyad, 29 at the time, told the court: “We were never trying to claim responsibility for this thing or defend a cause.”