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Sentence Quadrupled in Hells Angels Trafficking Case

So the court boosted that term to five years Friday, minus a year credit for pre trial jail time.The appeal court disagreed with Leask condemnation of police tactics in E Pandora and the fact agent Michael Plante provided some of the drugs to Potts to sell.Those tactics did not diminish the seriousness of the crimes to which Potts admitted, Appeal Court Justice Anne Rowles said.Potts co accused, John Punko, had his sentence more than quadrupled by the appeal court last August.There is still one outstanding appeal involving Leask, Potts and Punko. The federal Crown argued in December that the appeal court should overturn Leask decision not to allow the prosecution team to go to trial on criminal organization charges against the biker pair. Leask said at the time that the Crown already had one kick at the can when they went to trial against Potts, Punko and two others on another indictment and series of charges. They were convicted of several counts, but acquitted by a jury of the criminal organization charge.People who think there bad ass here ,lol You deal with the ms 13 in the cali jails OMFG they are ruthless and take no from anyone. They are here in BC and coming sl air max 1 owly so they can fly under the radar. The truth about the joint well the Blacks turn Gay as soon as they walk threw the Gates, The bikers look for the cute Girly boy to bang . and the ms 13 well you dont talk about then or you are DEAD, they are as crazy and as ruthless as they get,they are the devil 100%. thats not a put down thats a fact. prision down south is HELL and not a place anyone wants to be. I spent 1.8 years in a South Americain jail and that was ms 13 country as well made friends and made my life easy in USA pen. Im not proud of my choices i am just sharing the true hard facts of bad choices in life and i made them. I have seen murder in from of me and riots and gang banging of the weak inside and it is a ugly piture in my mind and i am never going back. A shout out to all my Bros past and presant. Welcome home brothers. Karma can travel to Mexico and Geece so it can be every were . also hearing that you are owing millions to the Mexicians, as well as your bad bucket deals. there are people out there very upset about air max 1 not getting paid as usual Just seems to be alot of chater out there have a nice life you 2 hope wendys legal skills can help you out ,hey how do you become a person in law when you get busted with kegs of blow on you. Was that a calgary run back in the day before they grabed her ex HERMISH the only way you can keep landing 1000s of bricks as you do is because you are working with the man. I can just think of all those people you put away in so many levels OH YA I WAS ONE OF THEM I KNOW IT CAME FROM YOU, COST ME EVERYTHING I OWNED AND MULTI YEARS OF GREEF AND PAIN , YOU ARE THE WORST KIND OF Criminal !!!! We all pay and you live high on the hog with more money then GOD and travel free and enjoy life on the exspence of others. people go to jail people get found floating in rivers, you pass on your hit list to your cleaners then they get cleaned after they do all the dirty work. people lose everything they have and take there own lives. ya im pissed I just got out from prision down south because of one of your deals you gave up to the man or the feds, . There is chatter that he might be looking to cash in and get far far away from here to start a new life . Cash will open the gate way to his mind,time to flip on everything. The City of Vancouver has bought the Drake Hotel, a Downtown Eastside strip club, from a company whose sole director and officer is a high profile member of the Hells Angels. Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan announced Thursday the city had paid $3.2 million for the hotel at 606 Powell St. Assessment, land title and company records show the hotel was owned by a numbered company, 634321 BC Ltd., whose president, secretary and sole director is John Bryce, president of the Angels East End chapter in Vancouver as recently as April. It also shows the property with an assessed value of $1.14 million this year, just over a third of what the city paid. Bryce confirmed in a telephone intervi air max 1 ew that he is the director of the company that sold the hotel to the city, but said he was only one of a number of owners. He refused to discuss the matter further. When asked if he was still the president of the chapter, he said then hung up. However, as recently as two months ago, Bryce, 56, was identified as president of the chapter, which police have said is one of the most powerful Hells Angels groups in the province. In April, his son, Jonathan Bryce, was sentenced to six years in prison for cocaine trafficking and extortion. Company records for 634321 BC Ltd. list Bryce registered address as 3270 Parker Ave. in Bu air max 1 rnaby, which is the location of his Hi Way Choppers motorcycle shop. Sullivan office said the mayor didn know who owned the hotel and was unaware Bryce was a director of the company. mayor was not aware of that, and he would not normally have been aware of who the owners are of a property the city buys, said David Hurford, Sullivan press officer. (The Drake was well known as a Hell Angel owned business and Sullivan himself used to go to the Downtown Eastside neighbourhood where it is located and give money to ppl to buy drugs and allow drug users to use his van to do drugs in.) He also said the purchase price reflected the going market and the fact there were multiple bidders. Hurford said the city often uses an agent to purchase properties and wouldn deal directly with an owner, but in this case he doesn know if the city was aware of the Hells Angels connection. Sullivan said the city bought the hotel as part of its long term strategy to reduce homelessness. For more than three years, the hotel 24 rooms have been vacant. Only the hotel 220 seat pub, which featured exotic dancers, continued to operate. (As recently as a couple months ago there were some ppl living in the rooms upstairs. Ppl wearing HA support T shirts would try to extort $20 from ppl walking in the alley behind the hotel.) But the hotel gritty history changed this week after the city agreed to buy it and refurbish the rooms in the short term for people on assistance. In the process, it decided not to renew the hotel liquor licence. This isn the first time the hotel was sought by government. Forests Minister Rich Coleman said he tried to buy the Drake earlier this year as part of the purchase of 10 Downtown Eastside rooming hotels. Calls to Coleman office later to inquire whether he was aware of the Angels connection were not returned. Hells Angels, Sher said. Coleman, who attended the news conference with Sullivan at city hall, said the province wasn able to conclude a deal with the Drake owners, so the city agreed to purchase it instead. But the province will help with income and support programs for the residents who will begin to move in sometime in the fall. Sullivan said the hotel could be redeveloped for a combination of assisted and market housing and commercial services. But for now, he said it and the 10 single room occupancy hotels the province bought last spring have more than doubled the target of housing identified in the city Vancouver Homeless Action Plan. Jill Davidson, the city homeless policy coordinator, estimated it will spend about $30,000 per unit to refurbish the Drake. At least one Vancouver councillor was concerned after learning of the Hells Angels connection. Raymond Louie said he heard Bryce name before but did not know that he was a director of the company that owned the Drake. He said he was surprised and concerned, but also believes the city purchase of the hotel was appropriate. the end I don think it [the Hells Angels connection] is material to the intent of what we are trying to accomplish because we are trying to provide low income housing and to redevelop the property for a positive outcome of the community. But Louie said the city also needs to know that taxpayers money doesn go to fund illegal activities of outlaw motorcycle gangs. He added he didn know whether the company that owned the Drake was directly connected to the Angels. (It has been printed in the Vancouver Sun previously.) think these are good questions. I be asking that the process be tightened up slightly, so that perhaps we do look at [the history of an owner], he said. undertaking that work will be substantial, because if it not the Hells Angels then it could be a group that is offshore. thank you judge Barrow for a good common sense judgment.Crime and Justice Blog SectionsThe Real ScoopLast post May 10, 2014News Blog SectionsArchivesLast post Nov 20, 2013BuzzLast post Nov 26, 2013Crime and JusticeLast post May 10, 2014EducationLast post May 8, 2014The Data TrailLast post May 7, 2014The Drawing BoardLast post Aug 18, 2011VideosLast post Feb 11, 2014STAFF Blog SectionsBusinessLast post May 7, 2014DrivingLast post Aug 16, 2013EntertainmentLast post May 8, 2014EnvironmentLast post May 1, 2014HealthLast post Apr 29, 2014LifeLast post May 10, 2014NewsLast post May 10, 2014OpinionLast post Apr 17, 2014PoliticsLast post May 8, 2014SportsLast post May 9, 2014TechnologyLast post May 8, 2014Category cloudRecent PostsThe future of Sensible BC and our campaign for marijuana reformPosted on May 11, 2014Vancouver Whitecaps discover a way to beat ColumbusPosted on May 11, 2014Part Two in our series about Unsolved HomicidesPosted on May 10, 2014Big day in the garden for plantingPosted on May 10, 2014Sun shines on Surrey greenhouse buildersPosted on May 10, 2014The plain truth about writingPosted on May 10, 2014Machtaler, Cornelson and Clapp earn exempt statusPosted on May 9, 2014Alex Anthopoulos and the First Round: 2010Posted on May 9, 2014