air max 1 Sentencing for woman convicted

Sentencing for woman convicted of infanticide to start Monday

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) Sentencing arguments begin Monday for the Vancouver woman convicted in the separate deaths of air max 1 her two newborn sons.

a great example of our justice system at it absolute best. You take 12 members of the community who spend eight weeks air max 1 of their life, utterly committed to upholding the oath that they take at the beginning. successfully argued Leung was so terrified of her parents reaction to her pregnancies that she hid the evidence after giving birth, disposing of the bodies in plastic bags she put outside with other trash.

But after six days of deliberation, Fowler says air max 1 a jury agreed the 28 year old mom was emotionally and mentally disturbed reducing a second degree murder charge to infanticide.

can forget that Sarah had a very difficult childhood and entry into adul air max 1 thood, so there a lot of people who are broken hearted by all of this, including Sarah family, Sarah husband.