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Sherlock Series 3

When someone once asked me if I had watched the BBC new Sherlock yet, I thought, why would anyone release a new version of Sherlock Holmes with Guy Ritchie version being so popular? It seemed ludicrous. Well, I was handed the DVD and told to just watch the first one. does not even come close as to what my reaction was for Study in Pink It was smart, clever, and had what all great stories need, a villain you can believe. It sounds strange, but the villain in Study in Pink whose name I won reveal, locked me into the series. I felt that any modern version of Sherlock Holmes would need great believable villains. I often felt that Holmes, whichever incarnation you prefer, is a man beyond his time, a man who can find all the answers. Today, many can find those answers with a google search, to some degree. This Holmes, set in the modern word, was what I always thought Holmes should be, a man beyond his time. When I finished the first season (or series), I distinctly remember saying, Downey Jr. It was a long wait and in that time Robert Downey Jr. and Guy Ritchie re teamed for another action based slow motion rehash. I watched every e air max 2015 pisode of Sherlock m air max 2015 ore than three times to hold me over. I even went back and watch the unaired pilot of Sherlock. Elementary debuted as an American version of Sherlock four months after Season 2 aired over in England. To me, this was almost blasphemy. Why must there be another modern Sherlock Holmes? No matter, Sherlock was going to air in the US one month later!

It was different this time around. There was hype and an air max 2015 ticipation for a second season (series). There always is when something catches on and it starts to gain a fever pitch. Suddenly, Sherlock became see TV and something to share with a group of people. The second episode may be the one I have watched the least. Though funny and well told, it is just a good horror story. It is sadly bookended by the two best episodes in the entire series. Scandal in Belgravia and Reichenbach Fall supply two great elements in the entire Sherlock series. They are, collectively, rivals for Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch). The first is Woman aka Irene Adler (Lara Pulver). The second, his arch nemesis, Jim Moriarty (Andrew Scott). Both are equal matches for Sherlock and it is in their struggles that we see what our hero is really capable of. Catching a serial killer is easy, but super criminals are something else. The second season was good. Damn good. With those words, one would think it would be almost impossible to top. That is usually the curse of the sophomore effort. How does one top themselves?

Anticipation and fear came with the announcement of Season 3 of Sherlock. Cumberbatch had become a star and done 17 projects between the second and third series. One project even allowed him to play opposite Martin Freeman again, only this time he was a dragon. There was certainly enough of Cumberbatch to go around and even a stage play of Mary Shelly by Danny Boyle (Trainspotting) to catch. Can the new season live up to the hype of his stardom and the series? Can Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat do it all one more time? With each AM SHERLOCKED t shirt I saw, I became less and less optimistic. When Hot Topic takes a hold of something and runs with it, it usually signifies the end.

I am happy to report that the end is not nigh.

With the finale of Reichenbach Fall we were left with the question of how Sherlock survived. Ironically enough, just like Watson stated in the trailer, don’t care how you did it we really didn care. We were just happy to see our hero again. The biggest change in third season of Sherlock is the lack of case work. Each episode, as it was with the previous seasons, were like films. An adventure was to be had and a case was to be solved. At this point with 6 episodes in the can, we are given a lot more character play than murders to solve. Not to say there aren mysteries to solve for Sherlock and Watson. In the third season, they take a back seat to Watson getting married and Sherlock realizing he doesn want to be alone. Though where Moffat and Gatiss really get you is that the first 2 episodes are all a set up for the tidal wave that is unleashed in this season finale.

A fourth season hasn been officially announced yet. At this point, these 9 episodes are better than anything that is currently on television. If you aren yet, it is high time that you are. You will have a glorious time discoverin air max 2015 g all nine episodes on Blu ray. Then you will become just like every other Sherlock fan. You sit and have a long wait for season 4.