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shoes match her purse

This used to be the hard and fast rule. Kind of like that other one that said lipstick and nailpolish had to be the same shade. These days, it is pefectly acceptable to wear shoes and carry a purse that compliment each other rather than match exactly.

However, it still seems to be the hard and fast rule when it comes to formal attire such as worn for a prom or if you are a bridesmaid. Typically in those cases the shoes and purses are custom dyed to match. But, there are excpetions to every rule :)

It quite an old fashioned idea that a “smart lady” should have a matching shoes and bag (or purse, I know most of you are American!) and these days the notion of dressing like a “lady” has lost a lot of importance in the fashion stakes. You tend to find, therefore, that women who do dress with shoes and matching handbag tend to be older, or at least in a more old fashioned mind set therefore, a matching shoes and bag can come across as a bit dated (particularly if you wearing court shoes yuk don do it!) An exception I would give is if your shoes and handbag are a very vivid colour (such as a deep turquoise or hot pink) worn against a plain black evening outfit will look s air max 2015 ensational for work or daywear in a dreary colour like navy or taupe it has that slightly “I never had sex in my life” kind of effect that thick black tights and high buttoned blouses have.

I think it depends on the situation. For instance if your going to your kids soccer game I don think air max 2015 there is any purse out there that will match your sneakers. However if you are going out on a date it could look better if your shoes belt and purse all match it give the image of being well balanced and put together. If we are talking prom then yes the purse would definately have to match the shoes and the jewelry. Better yet ditch the purse and put your money in your bra. That way you don have to worry about it. I personally think you need to do what you feel comfortable doing and now worry about what others may think. I don remember anyone ever tapping me on the arm and saying “oh my did you see that her purse dosen match her shoes.” Hope this helps.

The style should match fairly similarly, but the colors don have to match exactly. As the first answerer said, if you are going to a formal event try to match the color. I was the maid of honor at my sister wedding, and we happened to find a air max 2015 pair of shoes that nearly matched the dress (it was a floor length dress, so it didn need to be perfect) a air max 2015 nd believe it or not, I found a purse that had the exact base color of the dress with a beautiful Asian design AT THE $1 STORE! So, matching exactly? No. Matching in general style and complimenting colors? Yes.