air max 2015 Shoes or PursesApparently,

Shoes or Purses

Apparently, women especially like to shop for shoes and purses. Okay, so that is what all the chick flicks and TV shows seem to think. Well, in my sister’s case, they are right. She has 32 pairs of shoes. I have four. Now to be fair, I can’t afford any new shoes, but she can, so she isn’t spending money that she can’t afford to spend. If I could afford to buy more shoes, I would. One of my pair of shoes is seven years old. They look like new though! lol

I was always more into purses thoug air max 2015 h. Not now, but when I was a teenager I was more about finding unique purses than buying new shoes. These days I would rather be able to buy new clothes rather than shoes OR purses.

Anyway, for your “accessory” shopping, are you more into buying shoes or purses? Or do you not care about any of that. Practical matters DO tend to intervene, huh? : )

Men, if you’re reading this, what would you say your wives prefer? And if you’re a man who has actually read this entire post bless your heart.

I love shoes. I have several pair. Black, brown, grey, red, white, turquoise, gold and silver. You never can tell when you might have to change to match a certain suit or dress. Now that I have retired I hardly we air max 2015 ar shoes any more and if I can help it I never wear tennis shoes. I have one pair of tennis shoes and they are probably fifteen years old and still look like new. I wear almost exclusively, flip air max 2015 flops. Mostly the $1 to $2 a pair variety and I have about two million of them (exaggeration). I also have some dressy flip flops that cost a little more but not much more. So I can honestly say that I do love shoes but I dearly love flip flops.

Oh, I also have several purses. Several different colors to match the shoes. I mostly carry a gold purse because it goes well with all my flip flops. I have a zippred liner that I can insert in and out of the purse so that switching purses is not a problem if a have to transfer everything in a hurry. My purses tend to be on the large size because I lead a busy life and need lots of stuff where ever I go. It’s been my observation that people who carry small purses haven’t deve air max 2015 loped their lives to their full potential as of yet . LOL!

I used to have 50 pairs when I was married, but now I have learned my lesson. My ex worked in a place where we had to many awards ceremonies etc. But now I am down to twelve.

I gave them to charity. You have to create a yahoo emal though is the catch only.

It’s worth it. You can post things you ordinarily may throw away or ask for items, it has to be posted for free, This way if I need something, I get it right in no time at all. It’s especially great for trading kids clothing and books etc. They grow so fast out of things

I’m not really into shoes or purses. I probably have about a dozen pairs of shoes that I wear at least occasionally, and another 2 or 3 that are in the bottom of my closet that I haven’t worn for years. Only 1 pair that I regularly wear is dressy, and one is a pair of sandals, the rest of them are tennis shoes or boots. I think every pair of flip flops I own is still at my parents’ house in Missouri, and I have lived in North Dakota for over 5 years now. 😉 I have too many problems with an old ankle injury to wear anything that doesn’t offer support for more than just a few minutes at a time.

As far as purses go, I have 4 or 5. I pretty much always use one of only two different ones, though. I need one big enough to keep a few things for my son in, plus all the stuff I need for me, but I don’t like really huge ones.