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seat belt pretensioner

What was the root cause for changing the drivers air bag? Was this car in a collision that deployed the bag? What code is stored in the system. If you have a drivers air bag code it could also be cause by the sir coil in the steering column. The coil is what attaches the bag to the rest of the air bag system. pulling the fuse will not reset the system. If the air bag lamp is on you don’t have to worry about the system deploying. The lamp being on prevents it from going off by it’s self. Good luck :)

QUESTION: I have recently found out that the seat belt is giving an error code on my g6. I need to replace the pretensioner but can you tell me where I can get one of these and do they go by that name or is there another more technical name I need to use. I have tried internet searches and cannot find a seat belt assembly with the airbag sensor. Can I buy and airbag sensor for the belts or is that what the tensioner is.

ANSWER: The tretensioner is part of the seat belt retractor. that is the part that the belt come out of not the buckle end. The code wi air max 90 ll tell you which side it is. No you can’t replace just the part that is bad. It’s a complete assembly part of the belt retarctor. which ever side(s) is bad were buckled during the bag(s) that were deployed. there is no set up proceedure for them that part is plug and play. once you replace it as long as there is not a wiring issues in the car to the pretensioner the lamp should go off.

QUEST air max 90 ION: Only the drivers side airbag went off but both of the front seat belt were locked in place. Do I have to replace both pretensioners? The belts themselves look good should I replace them, too. Does this part have to be bought from a dealer and could you tell me the exact name of the part that I need. You have been a great help to me in fixing this car and I am almost done this is the last hurdle I have. Not quite sure why the right one is not setting a code though. None the less if the belts are pu air max 90 lled tight the tensioner was fired off during the collision and bag deployment. They are calle air max 90 d pretensioners technically but the parts guys may call them a seat belt retarctor. Yes the only place to buy them is at a dealer or if you can find the same year car at a junk yard with the same color interior you could use them but the car has to be one that didn’t have air bag deployment or you’ll be in the same boat.