air max 95 Selling Counterfeit bags and v

Selling Counterfeit bags and various items

Wow! I work very hard for my money as well, but I think it’s rediculous to pay $300 for a purse when I can get vertually the same thing for $30.00. You say you abide by the laws. Do you ALWAYS wear your seatbelt, have you ever ran a red light, have you ever ran a stop sign, hav air max 95 e you ever driven above air max 95 the spee air max 95 d limit? Yes it may be illegal to sell these purses, but the “real” purses are in no danger of the “fake” one’s shutting them down, so what’s the big deal? Wow wrote:

WOW, Im amazed at the passion to crush someones ability to make money right here at Christmas. Im with the other poster, you afraid someone else might have one? You sound like a real piece of work lady. Your probably one of those who throws that Louis Vuitton on the counter at every place you go so people will see it. Twisting is and knocking air max 95 people over with it so they will see you have one. Let me give you a little hint. Your in Jacksboro, not Hollywood. People already assume your carrying a fake, they look at you, look at the bag, and autommatically assume its fake. I hate to bust your haughty bubble princess.

I hope whoever is selling them sells MILLIONS, and wish them the best in selling them. Im sure the police department will jump right on it lady if you call them and tell them about theses dreaded bags and all the murders they are committing. ROFL