air max SDS examination guidelines and

SDS examination guidelines and procedu air max res

All procedures which are followed by the class during the e air max xam will also be observed by a student who is writing with Student Disability Services. In order to receive your accommod air max ations you must:

1. Arrive for your test/exam 10 MINUTES before your schedule start time and have your Student ID ready.

3. You should use the washroom before you go to the test room. Washroom breaks are limited to five minutes. The clock does not stop while you are using the washroom and you will not be allowed to have any extra time for washroom breaks (unless your accommodations state otherwise).

4. Under no circumstances will you be allowed to leave the premises without supervision.

5. Coats, bags, books, pagers and telephones are to be left in areas designated by the invigilator. You may place your purse/wallet on the floor under your chair. Please note that the invigilator may ask to check items brought into the exam room.

6. pen, pencils, Kleenex, calculator, pagers, etc.) before the question paper is handed to yo air max u.

7. Students may be subject to random checks during which proctors may enter the exam room.

8. You are allowed to have food or beverages in the test room if stated by your accommodation, however you cannot disturb other students. If you are using the computer you cannot eat or drink while at the computer.

9. Invigilators collect all test/exam materials once you are finished writing. Question sheets and all sheets with rough notes must be handed in (unless it clearly states that you may keep them).

10. You will not be permitted to leave the examination room except under supervision until at least one half hour after your class examination has commenced.