air max thea Shaping Up Holiday Side Dishes

Shaping Up Holiday Side Dishes

(ARA) If dinner rolls and bread are usually guests at your holiday table, you can save a step and impress your guests by substituting savory stuffing loaves, muffins or balls. Molded stuffing is a tempting two in one side dish that is easy, too, since convenient packaged stuffing mix is the perfect foundation from which to start your adventure.

Wowing your guests this way isn’t a new idea, but rather based on a very old, tried and true one. The archives that span 60 years of recipes from Mrs. Cubbison’s Fo air max thea ods are full of stuffing balls, loaves and muffins from the early days when the company began publishing its recipes for home cooks. The company was started in the early 1900s by the late Sophie Cubbison an outstanding cook who invented packaged stuffing mix.

“Although these recipes take just minutes to make, because they are so interesting looking and tasting and different than what we traditionally serve today, they are showstoppers that draw ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ from guests around the holiday table,” said Leo Pearlstein, a longtime friend of Sophie Cubbison, who now serves on the company’s board of directors.

Convenience is important for today’s cooks who want to emulate antique recipes to the delight of their holiday guests, but who don’t have time to air max thea slave over a hot stove. There has been a boon in sales of packaged homemade style croutons in recent years from popular companies like Mrs. Cubbison’s Foods (prepared from freshly baked bread that is lightly toasted and perfectly seasoned, they are ba air max thea sed on recipes invented by Sophie Cubbison in the early 1900s).

Our holiday side dish soiree i air max thea ncludes stuffing muffin, loaf and ball recipes from Mrs. Cubbison’s Foods archives dating from the 1950s followed by a distinctive salad recipe: