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Shoes storage

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Shoes in the house [ 33 Answers ]

Hi! I have been looking forever on the internet for an answer, but haven’t been successful. maybe you can help. We are getting new carpet tomorrow and we do not wear our shoes in the house. but, when we have company, they will come in with the nastiest shoes you’ve ever seen! How can I let.

Do you take your shoes off to dance? [ 11 Answers ]

If you’re at a club, school, wedding, social dance or wherever, do you take off your shoes and dance in stocking feet? If you do, does your b/f or g/f do the same?

Standing All Day Need Better Shoes [ 5 Answers ]

I am in a new job that requires standing and running around (helping customers) all day. I need a better shoe than my Sketchers as at the end of the day. my legs are hurting. Would like some suggestions on what shoes to look into. Thanks in advance.

Using CD RW for data storage air max trainers [ 1 Answers ]

What do I need to do to use a CD RW, out of its packing, to be able to save files to it, for transfer to another computer?

I know that, in the old days of floppies, they needed to be air max trainers formatted. Does the same thing app air max trainers ly to CD RW’s?

If so, what are the steps I need to go through to do this?Bags and shoes [ 3 Answers ]Hey want to know that what are the latest style of bags air max trainers hand bags which are in almost. and shoes too are there high heel in fashion or low which are in .