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NEW YORKSome cities already do it, but a proposal in New York City may have some shoppers looking for bargain bags, instead of bargain prices. The city council has proposed charging a 10 cent fee for every paper or plastic bag needed at the grocery store.According to PIX11, it’s the second time in less than a year that the city council has introduced the measure. It was introduced last summer, but didn’t have enough time to have a hearing. The bill was reintroduced Wednesday.>> Read more trending storiesThe 10 cent fee, which the council said isn air max trainers ‘t a tax but a fee, would go directly to the store. It is all in an effort to have shoppers bring their own reus air max trainers able bags.Some stores, like restaurants and liquor stores, are exempt. But markets, street vendors and retail stor air max trainers es would be subject to the fee according to CBS New York.Using fewer paper or plastic bags would, according to PIX11, cut down on the 5.2 billion disposable bags New Yorkers use each year.So far, 19 air max trainers members of the council are sponsoring the legislation. mother poison her son with saltMore Popular and trending stories.