air max trainers Shoppers offer up their 5 cent

Shoppers offer up their 5 cents

Siddiqur’s only quibble: Some customers have told him that other stores are not charging 5 cents for a bag. He figures if the law is there, it should be applied equally:

“The law is a good one; everyone should obey it.”

Izzard’s not likely to pay too many bag fees, however; he normally brings his own. He was carrying two reusable bags yesterday, and picked up the extra plastic bags only because he was also shopping for a neighbour.

Rolando Garcia, 59, also shrugged off the new bag fee. He had just paid a nickel for a bag air max trainers , but said he often carries his own.

“We have to take care of the environment, and this bag is garbage,” he said.

Doris Byers was carrying one plastic bag for which she’d paid a nick air max trainers el, along with several reusable bags. The bag fee doesn’t bother her at all.

“If you’re born during a Depression and go through a air max trainers world war, you recycle a lot of things and you save a lot of things. Con air max trainers sequently you reuse a lot of things.”