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Shoppers Open iPad Boxes to Find Bags of Clay Instead

Clay! It nature iPad.

Shoppers air max trainers in the Metro Vancouver area, however, would prefer actua air max trainers l iPads. CTV News reports that criminalsare buying brand new iPad 2 from Best Buy, Future Shop, Walmart and London Drugs, replacing the computers with bags of modeling clay, then rewrapping the packages and returning them.

Retailers were skeptical when people started coming in with iPad boxes full of clayto demand refunds, but they changed their tune after CTV broadcasts about the scam. Both Best Buy and Future Shop say air max trainers at least 10 stolen iPads were sold at each of their stores.

Apparently, this wasn an air max trainers amateur operation. Scam victim Dayna Chabot told CTV:

was all sealed properly and everything. It was the shape of an iPad. They even had a piece of clay where the charger went and everything. Like, they knew what they were doing. the thieves are simply proponents of the arts! Lay down your iPads, Canadians, and learn to sculpt like modern Michelangelos, embracing your newborn freedom from the web to study nature in all its many splendored forms. The Internet is down today, anyway, so you not missing anything.