airmax Separate and Trim Your Dolls H

Separate and Trim Your Dolls House Tea Bags to Shape

If you will be making tea bags with a string made from fine thread, trim the top corners off of your glued strip to shape the top of a tea bag that has the string attached (regular tea bags have squared edges).At the glue line which crosses the strip below where you trimmed the top edges, cut the glue line in half, so your shaped tea bag comes free, but leaves a glued edge at the top of the next tea bag on your strip.Glue a fine thin thread to the top of your tiny tea bag. I separated regular sewing thread into sections to make thread fine enough for my tea bags.Keep cutting your tea bags off your strip, you can trim some for tea bags with strings, and leave others square to be put in tea pots, or stacked in boxes or cannisters.More Miniature Items for a Tea Time SceneMake a Set of Miniature Mugs from Polymer ClayMake Miniature Filled Cookies, Biscuits and Wafers from Polymer ClayMake Swan Cookies From Polymer ClayWays to Make a Display Box for a Miniatu airmax re Tea Shop or CafeMake an Inexpensive Roombox from Bookboard or Illustration BoardMake a Windowbox with a Shop FrontBuild a airmax Baltic Birch P airmax lywood Roombox Display With or Without a Front FrameMake a Miniature Scene in a Tea CupMake a airmax Quarter Scale Front Porch Scene in a Tea Cup Using PrintablesLandscape a Garden for a Quarter Scale Front Porch SceneMake a Printable Miniature Garden Arch For a Quarter Scale Garden Scene