airmax set systems reduce peritonitis

set systems reduce peritonitis in patients on continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis

This systematic review by Daly et al is thorough i airmax n its identification of studies, extraction a airmax nd analysis of data, and presentation of findings. It draws on

data from 12 randomised (or quasi randomised) trials and provides high quality evidence to support what nephrology nurses

is about 15% of the global dialysis pop airmax ulation.1 Although it appears that the incidence of peritonitis and associated rates of admission to hospital are decreasing,2 peritonitis remains the most important challenge facing peritoneal dialysis nur airmax ses. The Renal Association in the UK recommends

that disconnect systems such as Y set or double bag systems “should be standard for all patients” unless they are incapable

of mastering the technique.3 When compared with the human and financial costs of treating peritonitis, the minimal increase in cost incurred using disconnect