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Shoe Repair Incorporated

Situation: Two Dolce and Gabbana heals that had both broken. air max 2015 I had been to many shoe repair places but to no avail. No ONE WOULD TOUCH THEM. They told me that they were unrepairable. I just couldn believe it and as much as I paid for them, I wasn taking for an answer. I am ECSTATIC! If y air max 2015 ou have any designer shoes to be repaired send them to Mina. The ankle straps of my shoes are way too long, need to be cut re stiches because my ankles are way to small. It took them only about 10 minutes to make them perfect! My sister who came along w/ me was complaining to Minas how NY cobblestones street has torn the leather from the front part of her shoes. While his staff working on my shoes, Minas took hers and fix it for free!Really friendly people and good to talk to.

Pros: Fast, professional friendly

I found a pair of Jimmy Choo knee highs that were too narrow at the instep (my left heel was sticking out a little bit) and too small at the shaft (the zippers only went mid calf), but too beautiful to pass. I wouldn have trusted them to just any cobbler, so I found Minas through this page. The old gentleman was very friendly and helpful. He took my measurements and I paid $100 for the stretching. air max 2015 They fitted perfectly when I tried them on one week later! Before I left, he also have them shined carefully. So I went to a cobbler near my office. Ch air max 2015 arged only $20 for the stretching. I already went back twice and still could not fit them in. Well, they were old.

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Shoe Repair in Cleveland

This is the worst place ever. I would not recommend Fidel Castro to got here, it is that bad! I dropped a Michael Kors bag to be cleaned over a month ago that I had received as a gift over the holidays. The bag discolored easily due to the light suede, and I was told this was from the dye in my jeans. I was told it would take a week to complete. I called a week and half later, and was placed on hold 5 minutes, called back and placed on hold another 5 minutes. I decided to go into the store because they didn’t answer their phone, that was the first red flag. They couldn’t find my bag for.

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