air max 90 SEC baseball bat deals provide

SEC baseball bat deals provide money for schools

Bat endorsement contracts continue to be lucrative deals for some programs through cash compensation and free products.

Some of these deals help schools pay the rising salaries for coaches. In some cases, coaches have relationships with the bat manufacturers and help broker the deals. For the bat companies, the goal is exposure of their products particularly at this week’s College World Series, where the SEC has two teams as the sport continues to be televised more.

The value of LSU’s bat deal nearly doubled thanks to its recent success. In an old deal with Eason that began in 2007, LSU received $150,000 annually for using the company’s products. The Tigers signed the contract around the time they missed the NCAA Tournament in 2006 and 2007, ending a 1 air max 90 7 year s air max 90 treak of postseason trips.

LSU’s play has since improved significantly, including a national title in 2009. When LSU agreed to a new deal with Wilson in 2011, the school’s annual pay increased to $275,000. Some schools do not have agreements separate from their all apparel deals. (Alabama has no exclusive bat contract.) Some contracts were not provided. Mississippi State said coach John Cohen receives $110,000 annually from Easton, and Arkansas said coach Dave Van Horn receives $70,000 a year from Easton.

Here’s a sampling of exclusive bat contracts within the SEC:

Length of contract: 4 years (through June 30, 2016)

Annual compensation: LSU receives $275,000

Bonuses: None are specifically outlined for team performance. LSU’s contract with coach Paul Mainieri lists $275,000 in supplemental pay for Mainieri through equipment contracts. The Wilson contract stipulates Mainieri is a Wilson advisory staff member and receives $10,000 worth of Wilson merchandise each year.

Free products: 80 DeMarini bats; 30 wood composite bats; 1,500 camp T shirts; 192 wristbands; 12 golf shirts; 252 pairs of batting gloves; 60 fielding gloves; 36 helmets; 60 travel bags with wheels; 8 sets of catchers gear and helmet; 12 ball buckets; 10 dozen ATEC dimple balls; 45 player bags; 8 fungo bats; 4 skull caps; 24 dozen SCB baseballs; 4 sets of youth catchers gear and helmet; 2 youth bats. The total products are valued at $115, air max 90 000 per year.

Promotional rights: LSU grants Wilson the right to use its team images to promote any product, pending approval by LSU. Wilson is the title sponsor of one event annually at LSU. Wilson holds a “Glove Day” sales event at LSU. Wilson can use LSU’s baseball field at least once a year for mutually agreeable uses for no less than four hours. LSU will prominently display Wilson, DeMarini and/or ATEC banners at all baseball functions. Wilson gets a half page ad in LSU’s program. Mainieri makes at least one promotional appearance a year for Wilson.

Contract restrictions: Coaches and players are r air max 90 equired to exclusively use Wilson/DeMarini products in practices, games and public appearances “to the extent permitted by the Southeastern Conference and the NCAA.” Mainieri said in this promotional video for DeMarini bats that he allowed the players to choose which bat company to use.

air max 90 SEBI settles case with Suzlon

SEBI settles case with Suzlon

Mumbai: Market regulator SEBI has disposed of proceedings against wind turbine maker Suzlon Energy, its chairman Tulsi Tant air max 90 i and four other executives after they together paid Rs 12 lakh to settle charges related to alleged delay in amending insider trading norms.

Besides Tulsi R Tanti founder chairman of Suzlon Energy others who have entered into a consent air max 90 order with SEBI are Girish R Tanti, V Raghuraman, Ashish Dhawan and Hemal A Kanuga.

As per norms regarding insider trading, all listed firms were required to frame a code of internal procedures, among others. This regulation was notified by SEBI in 2008.

However, the regulator alleged th air max 90 at Suzlon had amended its code of internal procedures and conduct for prevention of insider trading on February 4, 2011, after a delay of more than two years.

In this regard, adjudication proceedings were initiated against the six entities.

While the proceedings were in progress, the company and its officials proposed a settlement under SEBI’s consent order mechanism, in August, last year.

In October, 2012, the entities revised their consent terms and offered to pay Rs 2 lakh each to settle the case.

Thereafter, SEBI’s High Powered Advisory Committee on Cons air max 90 ent (HPAC) after deliberations, recommended the case for settlement on the payment of the amount.

This was also approved by panel of SEBI’s whole time members, following which the company and its officials remitted the amount earlier this month.

SEBI noted that enforcement actions, including commencing or reopening of the proceedings, could be initiated if any representation made by the entities is found to be untrue.