air max 95 selling bath salts as Molly

selling bath salts as Molly

New York club kids who use the party drug Molly because they think it’s pure ecstasy are often being peddled deadly “bath salts” by ruthless deale air max 95 rs, the DEA told The Post.

The dangerous narcotic which air max 95 causes a violent, meth like high air max 95 has killed at least one reveler this year and is being eyed in the deaths of two partiers at the Electric Zoo festival on Randall’s Island two weeks ago.

“Kids think ‘Molly’ is a pure, safe ecstasy, but it’s not,” said DEA Special Agent Erin Mulvey. “It’s not pure, it’s not safe and it’s not even ecstasy.”

Known to drug regulators as methylone and exported in bulk from China the salts caused the agonizing death of Matthew Rybarczyk, 20, of Staten Island, after a June 15 air max 95 rave on Governors Island.

“There were bags and bags pumping things into him, and the blood was coming out of his mouth, his nose,” Peggy Rybarczyk remembered yesterday of watching her grandson die slowly in his hospital bed.

The two young people who died at the Electric Zoo music fest recent Syracuse University grad Jeffrey Russ, 23, and University of New Hampshire student Olivia Rotondo, 20 may have also ingested the salts, though toxicology results are pending, sources told The Post.

Two others who were stricken at the festival admitted to drug use also believed to be a substance resembling bath salts, sources told The Post.

Bath salts, which can be swallowed, snorted, injected or dissolved in water, has a similarly euphoric effect as ecstasy but can also cause psychotic symptoms like agitation, paranoia and hallucinations. The drug is federally banned from sale in stores but is widely available on the Internet.

It has yet to be declared a controlled substance under state law, which has greatly hampered prosecution efforts.

“We’re seeing a proliferation of it,” citywide Special Narcotics Prosecutor Bridget Brennan told The Post. “We urgently need a law that would allow us to prosecute the sale of this deadly substance.”

A bill criminalizing the drug has sat since June 19 in the state Senate majority office, awaiting forwarding to the desk of Gov. Cuomo, who has said he’ll sign it.

In a recent Harlem bust, cops seized 40 grams of ecstasy and four firearms including a submachine gun.

air max 95 Selling an attitudeThe tel

Selling an attitude

The television commercials for VIP s new range of bags, Footloose, uses the urban teenager s carefree attitude as a means of striking a chord with the core consumer

Some brand names, by their very construct, have it in them to open up communication possibilities. Where the brand name, on account of being so single mindedly graphic, actually helps put the advertising idea in motion. One such brand name is Footloose, the recently launched range of casual bags’ (sling bags, satchels and knapsacks) from luggage maker VIP. And Ronnie Wadia, associate vice president senior creative director, HTA, agrees that the advertising idea for the brand’s new television commercials came from the brand name itself.

To understand what we’re getting at, here’s a quick recap of the twin edit, 35 second commercials. Executed in a montage format’, the commercials are essentially about urban teenagers just being themselves, damn the world. So, for instance, there is this shot of a girl running amidst a flock of pigeons taking flight, her arms flapping’ has if she too is flying. ’68 % footloose’, reads the super. Another montage has the close up of a boy stretched on the bonnet of a car, chilled look on face. The next shot reveals that the boy is actually lying on a car that has been hitched to a tow away truck. 76% footloose’, says the super. Next, the shot of a boy and a girl standing by the roadside, thumbing’ a ride. The subsequent shots reveal that the two have just hitched a ride on an elephant. 82% footloose’.

A girl seated on a cycle rickshaw, her boyfriend pulling the rickshaw Another girl at a busy railway station, lost in her personal world of music A brilliantly rendered rustic folksong forms the backdrop of the commercials. Both edits end with digitally censored’ shots of a group of boisterous boys skinny dipping in a pond. 99% footloose’, says the super, followed by another which asks, How Footloose are you?’

“With a brand name like Footloose, we realized that whatever we created has to emanate from the brand name,” says Wadia. “And what the name suggests is things like being carefree, being comfortable with oneself and doing what one wants to do” All this being very true to today’s urban youth, who form the brand’s target audience. Explaining this further, Shoumitra Raichoudhri, creative director, HTA, who also scripted the ads, says, “For the youth, being chilled’ is very important. And being chilled includes some amount of craziness or footlooseness.”

The idea for the commercial came from a youth insight, in fact. “We talked to kids and realized that there is some degree of footlooseness in everyone,” says Wadia. And though this degree of footlooseness varies from individual to individual, everyone has his or her own crazy deed’ story to tell. “That’s when we hit upon the core idea of a footloose spirit,” continues Raichoudhri. “Now the question was how do we show degrees of footlooseness in a cinematic sense? So we ascribed percentages to different footloose moments, situations and expres air max 95 sions. And all the situations we have shown in the ad are perfectly natural and very plausible from the teenager’s point of view. That’s why even the models look like real people you see everyday. And at the end of it, by asking How Footloose are you?’ we link the situations ba air max 95 ck to the viewer and his interpretation of footlooseness.”

No two ways about the fact that the attempt here is to reach out and connect with the core consumer’s individualistic being chilled’ attitude to life. There is very little effort at selling the product, per se. Small wonder, considering the brand hasn’t much to offer in terms of a rational argument. After all, the primary competition for Footloose comes from the unbranded market and the cheapest Footloose bag bears a price tag of Rs 399. Seasoned bargain hunters could pick up bags at half that price at, say, Delhi’s Central Market or at Linking Road in Mumbai.

“We are not selling a product but an attitude, a lifestyle,” admits Wadia. “Yes, the quality of the bags from Footloose are much better and the designs are more interesting, but feature to feature, there isn’t a huge difference. To justify the price difference, we have to sell attitude. And attitude is something college going kids readily buy into.” Interestingly, perhaps by default, Footloose will also be competing with the likes of Nike and Adidas air max 95 at the top end of the market. “Yes, that’s why the styling of the commercial was critical, so that it rivals that imagery,” says Raichoudhri.

There is little doubt that it is the film’s background score b air max 95 ased on a Punjabi folk song is a key element in the ad. The soundtrack simply lifts the film several notches. (In fact, the score and the images can be mistaken for a music video.) Credit for this goes to Navdeep Singh, who has directed the films. “Navdeep has added a lot of value in terms of styling, treatment, edit and music,” Wadia confesses. “His interpretation of the script was very radical, and honestly, the treatment was very different from what we were expecting. All pages of the Website are subject to our terms and conditions and privacy policy. You must not reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or exploit any material on the Website for any commercial purposes.