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The Co operative has confirmed it will no longer sell Nuts magazi air max 95 ne from early next month after the title rejected an ultimatum to use “modesty bags” or be removed from shelves.

Nuts publisher IPC Inspire has announced that it will not use the bags, describing the ultimatum as “an unreasonable attempt to prevent shoppers from freely browsing a legal magazine that is already displayed according to Home Office guidelines”.

A spokeswoman for the Co operative said: “Our position has not changed. If Nuts and Zoo, or any of the other publications, Loaded and Front, do not put their titles into modesty bags by the date we given of September 9, we will no longer sell the magazines.”

IPC Inspire managing director Paul Williams said: “The Co operative knee jerk attempt to restrict access to a product that consumers have enjoyed for nearly a decade is wrong. Nuts takes its obligation to craft products that are right for consumers and retailers alike air max 95 very seriously and for a number of weeks now we have had new covers in place, which have a more conservative tone. We are delighted with our readers response to the new covers and last week issue was our biggest selling since February.

“The objection that niche lobby groups have against certain sectors of the media should not mean that the right to purchase a perfectly legal product is restricted for the over half a million Nuts readers.

“As has been widely reported in the media in recent weeks, this is no longer a question of whether or not you like me air max 95 n magazines, it is a question of how far you can restrict the public ability to consume free and legal media before it becomes censorship.”

The Co operative, which describes itself as one of the UK largest magazine sellers, introduced opaque screens on shelves last month to shield children from “lewd pictures” on front covers. It comes amid increasing debate about the effects of sexual images on children, with David Cameron recently setting out a raft of reforms which will introduce family friendly filters that automatically block internet porn unless customers choose to opt out.

Following the Co operative announcement, Tesco said it would sell lads magazines only to over 18s. The supermarket said it had struck a “modesty deal” regarding the front covers of the magazines, and Bizarre would be supplied in a bag.

Kate Jones, the Co operative head of product development, admitted that the store would lose money over the move.

Speaking on ITV Daybreak, she said: “We will be losing money but we are responding to our customers concerns. These are the publications that our customers are telling us they concerned about. We do everythin air max 95 g we can to ensure they are out of sight of children shopping in our shops. But sometimes during the trading day displays get disrupted. We think a modesty cover would be a fail safe solution.”

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