air max trainers Shoppers jam stores in search

Shoppers jam stores in search of early bargains

Thursday. and waited an hour and half to check out. for one of 500 gift bags with coupons, gift cards and sample products. The bags were gone in 30 minutes. Store employees and customers said the lines were orderly

Trying to counter rushes f air max trainers rom years past, Wal Mart set up lines inside the stories and people took vouchers and queued for specific products as opposed to waiting outside.

According to two customers, the same couldn’t be said or the Toys “R” Us near Chesterfield Town Center that opened at midnight.

“We had to leave.

At Best Buy on Commonwealth Center Parkway in Chesterfield, police responded after an argument that was described as a “cutting in front of me in the line kind of thing.” There was no assault and no arrest, said Lt. Matt Botset. There was also a minor wreck near a Target store on Jefferson Davis Highway. Police across the region reported no major problems associated with the crowded stores or traffic. to grab early bird specials including laptop computers, cameras and office products.

In western Henrico County, stores remained packed at mid morning but long checkout lines started to shorten.

HomeGoods and REI both in West Broad Village saw a steady air max tr air max trainers ainers pace through the morning as customers chec air max trainers ked out the new retailers.

air max trainers Shoppers in Suffolk warned of

Shoppers in Suffolk warned of distraction thefts at supermarkets

Shoppers across Suffolk are being warned of distraction tactics being used by criminals to steal bank cards from pockets, wallets, purses and bags.

Since 1st October 2013, there have been 19 offences reported to police where shoppers at supermarkets have been distracted by someone when they left the store or returned their trolley to the trolley park.

The offenders are known to target older people or people parked in disabled parking areas. Known to work in pairs or more, it is thought the organised groups identif air max trainers y their victim and follow them whilst shopping, taking note of their PIN at the check out.

“The offenders work in pairs or threes, often identifying their victim as they enter the store, following them to the check out a air max trainers nd taking note of their PIN as it is entered.

“We would remind people to always check out securely ensuring you cover the keypad when you enter your PIN and then always being aware of the distraction tactics used at your vehicle or whilst with your trolley. Keep your personal belongings with you at all times, and lock your vehicle if you walk away from it or bend down t air max trainers o check yo air max trainers ur tyres.”