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Sea to Summit Sleeping Bags

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Sea to Summit Sleeping Bags Spreading the warmth

Two days ago, I fielded a customer service phone call about our new range of sleeping bags which left me with a warm feeling. Not because the customer went on to order bags from one of our retail partners (although that was the outcome of the call); the warm feeling came from our engaging dialogue about the details of sleeping bag construction and how these details affect performance.

The breakthrough for this consumer was the recollection of a cold night in an otherwise warm sleeping air max bag from another manufacturer where the zipper was inadequately baffled by the draft tube. The bag’s advertised ‘inches of loft’ and the claimed ‘temperature rating’ were irrelevant the customer could feel the cold seep into the bag along his back.

Ask anyone who works in retail and t air max hey will tell you: around 40% of all customers who buy sleeping bags are subsequently disappointed by their real world performance

There are many places where heat can ‘leak out’ of a sleeping bag, even air max a bag which looks nice and puffy hanging in the store. A poorly executed draft tube can ‘flip over’ or crush flat and allow heat to escape through the zipper. A hood which compresses the insulation when cinched closed fails to maintain the sleeper’s temperature, just as a foot box does which doesn’t mold itself snugly around the sleeper’s feet air max . The devil is in the details regarding sleeping bag construction and warmth.

Which brings me to the present: I now have another warm feeling I am holding a brand new Traverse XTII.

Its beautifully constructed chambers allow the 850+ fill power down to deploy to just the right density through out the bag and because the down has a high degree of ‘cling’ (mature down plumules have tiny barbs which make them stick together to form large clusters), the down forms an even, homogeneous layer (unlike those bags which have ‘gaps’ when you hold them up to the light).

The hood, foot box and draft tube are all complex constructions which also keep that down just where it is needed to prevent heat escaping and maintain your sleeping comfort. And the bag is cut overall to allow enough room to move without your knees, elbows or shoulders compressing the down (as is the case in those ‘pencil thin’ bags).

air max Sea Sonic and HashFast Sign De

Sea Sonic and HashFast Sign Deal To Power Next Generation of Bitcoin Mining Gear

Sea Sonic Electronics air max Co. Ltd and HashFast Technologies LLC announced today that they have signed an agreement for Sea Sonic to produce power supplies for HashFast’s Bitcoin mining systems.

The Baby Jet an air max d Sierra mining units will be built using Sea Sonic power supplies, which are widely known for their industry leading efficiency, quality and reliability. The highly stable output voltage from Sea Sonic supplies ensures the miners will consistently reach their maximum hashing performance. The very high efficiency of these supplies lowers the electrical costs involved in mining, and reduces the waste heat produced. Tests of the Sea Sonic power supply show an incredibly stable output and longevity, even when machines are overclocked, enabling miners to generate more Bitcoin for their money.

“We believe mining rigs should come complete with the best power supplies available” said HashFast CEO Eduardo de Castro. “The qualit air max y and reliability of the power supply has a critical effect on the performance of Bitcoin mining equipment. It’s well known that Sea Sonic is a clear leader in the power suppl air max y industry, and their products are widely known for their build quality, efficiency and reliability. Their reputation for quality extends over nearly four decades.”

Sea Sonic President Vincent Chang agreed with the emphasis on quality, noting that “Quality is something that is of paramount importance to us at Sea Sonic. We have been in the industry for over 38 years and pride ourselves as being a leader in manufacturing highly stable, reliable and energy efficient power supplies.”

He further added that “It is an honor to support HashFast producing the highest quality and most efficient Bitcoin mining equipment possible. We look forward to a future in which our companies work together to provide the best possible products and services in the industry.”