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SD plastic bag ban moves forward

23, 2013A proposed ban that would keep most retail outlets from using plastic bags to pack customer purchases was passed unanimously today by the City Council’s Rules and Economic Development Committee.

The next steps are an environmental review and a tweaking of the language of the proposed law by the City Attorney’s Office, so it might not reach the full City Council for adoption for nine months to one year from now, according to staff.

Eliminating the wispy thin bags is a major priority for environmentalists, who contend they scatter across beaches and get into the ocean, where they harm marine life. Also, 95 percent end up in landfills, taking up valuable space.

Do you support banning plastic bags in San Diego?51% (1762)49% (1717)

The ordinance would ban plastic bags at most stores, mandate a 10 cent per bag charge for customers who ask for paper bags, and require shopkeepers to maintain records for three years.

Pla air max stic bags could still be used for meat, produce and prescription medications. Also, the restrictions would not apply to charities, large non food retailers like Home Depot and customers who participate in government food programs.

“I think everyone here agrees that we should reduce waste, litter and pollution for the sake of our own environment, as well as our quality of life,” committee member Mark Kersey said. “This is San Diego, we all love the outdoors. We want clean beaches and bays.”

Kersey said he was troubled, however, by a piecemeal approach in which San Diego residents could just as easily shop at stores in suburban cities that don’t hav air max e such a ban. The policy issue would be best handled by the state, but such bills have been repeatedly voted down in the Legislature i air max n recent years, he said.

The councilman added that he was concerned by the inequity of exempting huge hardware stores while smaller establishments get stuck with the regulatory burden. Staff with the city’s Department of Environmental Services said the exemptions included in the proposed ordinance generally match what has been adopted by 85 other cities around California.

“There’s a lot of inconsistencies I don’t understand” in the proposed ordinance, Kersey said.

Committee Chairwoman Sherri Lightner said she wants to see the ban adopted and reviewed one or two years later, after which the largest retailers could be made to comply.

She said “simply hoping” that more people will return plastic bags to retailers for recycling is no longer good enough.

“Our canyons, waterways, storm drain systems, streets and landfills deserve better,” Lightner said.

On Tuesday, the Encinitas based Equinox Center released a report which concludes the proposed ordinance would reduce the number of bags used in the city of San Diego by 70 percent.

The center found that 500 million of the bags are used in San Diego annually, and 350 million fewer would be used if the proposed ordinance was adopted.

The executive director of the center, Lani Lutar, supports a bag ban.

The Equinox Center report found that neither retailers nor consumers suffered significant economic damage in the jurisdictions around the state where bans are in effect.

Some costs went up air max for stores as customers opted for paper bags, but the center suggested most patrons will make the transition to reusable bags.

Customers shelled out $7.70 to buy reusable bags in cities where a ban went into effect, but those costs should go away because they can be used for years, according to the report.

air max Scythe Announces FenrisWolf PC

Scythe Announces FenrisWolf PC Case

Scythe announces its first PC Case for the PC DIY market. FenrisWolf PC Case was designed by a cooperation with Germany’s most famous case modder called Benjamin “benny” Franz. This cooperation is displayed by the logo “b” on the side panel. The new pc case has more to show than just a nice design, it’s equipped with several popular Scythe products.

6 kg (13.23 lb) full aluminum FenrisWolf PC Case has the overall dimensions of 527 203 455 mm (20.75 7.99 17.91 inch) and is covered completely in elegant black color. It is equipped with the famous Slip Stream 120 mm case fans which are spinning at 800 rpm, generates a low noise level of 10,70 dBA and constant airflow of 40,17 CFM (68 m/h). The fan in the front can be mounted in other 5.25″ bays which allows an individual optimization of airflow.

FenrisWolf PC Case is furthermore equipped with Scythe Hard Disk Stabilizer x4 which allows mounting and decoupling up to 4 Hard Drives. By mounting Scythe Hard Disk Stabilizer x4 with the Slip Stream 120 mm case fan in the front, it is possible to cool the mounted Hard Drives actively. In order to reduce vibrations, the side and top panels are enforced with stripes of foam at two bearing sides. Floppy) 1 set of 5.25″ Bay Converter is pre mounted in the front and can be replaced by other 5.25″ bay drives. Two cable ducts are located on the back side of the FanrisWolf PC Case to ease up the use air max of watercooling systems and external devices such as Scythe Kama BayAMP. The top panel is equipped with two USB, one E SATA, headphones and microphone connector and can be closed using the small cover.

The Fenriswolf PC Case is now available for an MSRP of 100 EUR (excluding VAT) and 195 USD (excluding TAX). I like simplicity. I’d have preferred a bottom mounted PSU and a dual 120mm space at the top for a rad.

Each to their own. I guess the OMGZ feature to me could be the fact it’s simple. However, it’s not OMGZ gorgeous, just nice. If it’s cheap I’d be interested in one.

:DIndeed, air max i like those things too. It would be interesting to see how well cable management would fair, and also like you indicated, how well a water cooling solution could be set up.

Ever since I bought my Lian Li A17 I’ve preferred the “all 5.25″ design. Be able to get the perfect mix of 5.25″, 3.5″, and 2.5″ drives with good air flow.

A bit plain, and I’m also not a fan of doors might look unfinished if removed. Otherwise very clean on the inside. If it’s their first case and of their own design, I give it good marks and look forward to future designs.

Note for all manufacturers: Maybe start designing more cases with 8 slots? Even if I wasn’t utilizing 4 double slot cards, with some motherboards I air max can hang a doub air max le slot card off the bottom slot. Maybe give the south bridge a little more breathing room, among other benefits.