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Show dying declaration of Delhi gangrape victim

N cheap air max ew Delhi: The Supreme Court Tuesday asked Delhi Police to show the dying declaration of the Dec 16 gangrape victim as it extended its interim order putting on hold the execution of death sentence of Mukesh and Pawan Gupta who were convicted of the crime. Chauhan and Justice J. Sharma appearing for Mukesh and Pawan expressed his inabili cheap air max ty to produce it before the court.

Mukesh, Pawan, Vinay Sharma, Akshay Thakur and Ram Singh along with a juvenile were accused of gang rape and assault on a 23 year old paramedical student inside a private bus. The victim and her friend were thrown out of the bus after the crime.

The victim died of grave intestinal injuries Dec 29, 2012, at Singapore’s Mount Elizabeth Hospital where she was airlifted to for specialised treatment.

The apex court bench of Justice Ranjana Prakash Desai and Justice Shiva Kirti Singh at a special sitting March 15, 2014, suspended the execution of the death sentence of Mukesh and Pawan till March 31. Chauhan and Justice J. Chelameswar by a week till April 7, 2014, as court wanted to look into the trial court verdict.

The suspension of the sentence was once again extended by a week April 7, and the court asked Mukesh and Pawan’s counsel to place before it the post mortem examination report of the Singapore hospital where the victim was treated and died of her injuries.

Mukesh and Pawan have contended that the prosecution’s story that the victim’s end came because of heavy bleeding on account of serious injuries to her intestines was not confirmed by the post mortem report by the Singapore hospital.

They have contended that their trial was not free and fair, and the trial that started Jan 21, 2013, was under “public/political pressure” with “object to hang the petitioners (Mukesh and Pawan) and other accused people”.

Describing the entire trial as “miscarriage of justice”, the petitioners have contended that they were cheap air max represented by a state appointed advocate.

On March 13, the Delhi High Court bench of Justice Reva Khetrapal and Justice Pratibha Rani upheld the cheap air max death sentence of Mukesh and Pawan along with two other convicts.

cheap air max Show and TellHere are the

Show and Tell

Here are the latest creations made by my seamstress extraordinaire sister, Marti. I exagerate from time to time, but this is NO exaggeration. This is a knitted purse she made for our 9 yr old daughter, it’s bands of moss stitch and garter, ribbing top and a cording made by double pointed knitting needles, no stitching involved. Makes me want to take up knitting, after disasterous results when I was 12.

The crocheted heart necklace with embroidery is for our younger daughter, 7. she’s made me over the years.

From Marti’s work

Don’t you love the quizzical expression of her mouth? My second grader made a wonderful art doll last night. On her own. And I love it. I asked her if I could have it, when she was ready to give it up, and she was so tickled. She gave it to me. It’s in a place of honor on my shelves in my room, near Wendy’s journal and Diane’s philodendron leaf book, and my sister’s goodies.

It might be because I’m nostalgic, that I love it so. it’s hat is a sock they wore when they were little, and I’ve always ADORED those sockswant to stretch them to fit meand they know it, I’ve told them many times. the body/head is a wooden game board, for pegs, from Cracker Barrel restaurants (garage sale), the glasses are cut coin holders, held on with a pipe cleaner with feathers for ears/hair. and she drew the little mouth and eyes/nose with colored pencils darkened with water. The same technique she was using to “paint” her fingernails earlier in the day! and her sister was painting HERS a midnight blue. Here’s the back. Handy, it doesn’t even need an doll stand or anything!

Well, the day finally arrived for Wendy and Diane to arrive, and all too soon, they had to fly back home. It’s been two weeks now, and it seems like much longer ago. We rented a cabin in the mts of New Mexico and spent three days/four nights laughing, playing, arting around, organizing, show and telling, exchanging, having fun! Here’s some of what I got done;

Organizin cheap air max g my seed beads/small beads for embroidery/sequins. Wendy brought me these way cool bags, heavy plastic with zippers, from England and I spent nice time fondling, er I mean, sorting my beads cheap air max into colors and bags:

From OMAR and the envelopes all lined up in their hand painted Mexican suitcase:


My almost finished “The Mommy Glove” is in the top pocket.

I also learned needle felting, by hand, and loved it. Felting with bead embellishment. Now I’m thinking it might be part of a purse I got carried away and it became too big to be a cheap air max pin, as intended.: From OMAR Wendy’s wild woman pin is in progress, and Diane’s is, of course, finished. :) Wendy got the needle felting kits from Sarah at CraftyNotions as well, and copies of her book Wild Women. FUN!

Also tried my hand at free motion embroidery, and bead weaving, and liked them both. I’m pursueing the FME right now, and considering treating myself to a newer machine. We’ll see.

We also each altered six pieces of a 9 piece puzzle, and I still have the o cheap air max ther three left to do. Pics of that coming when it’s finished. Wendy’s pictures from OMAR are here