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Sheriff’s deputies recover drugs

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Sheriff’s deputies can now search coolers

CLACKAMAS, Ore. If you’re planning to float the river this weekend, be careful what you pack in your cooler. Deputies will now be able to search it without cause and kick you out of the park if they find booze.

Clackamas County commissioners unanimously voted Thursday evening to allow law enforcement officials to put teeth in a law that already bans alcohol from county parks. The problem is that it’s become a common understanding that lots of people drink at the parks anyway and bring booze on the river.

The new rule now allows park officials, deputies and anyone monitoring the park to search a person’s cooler or bag without cause. And if they find any beer or other alcohol, they could kick you out of the park or give you a citation.

The idea is cheap nike air max to cut down on public drunkenness on the river. Folks seem to be split on what they think of the idea. Some told us they think that cracking down on folks who want to have perhaps one or two beers while they float down the river is a bit of an overkill. But others think it’s a good way to keep the peace on the river.

“Our job is to protect the public and we do that through the hard work of the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office,” said Commissioner Jim Bernard. “And we do that also by enacting laws that protect life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

There would be exceptions to the searches, like if you were at the park with a camping permit or had a permit for an event. And there is one other important point this would only apply to park land. Once you are on the river or even past the high water mark, the search rule would not apply because it is out of the county’s jurisdiction.

This is a huge violation of the 4th amendment!! Do not let the Cops or anyone else look in your coolers or bags or anything else. Ask them for a search warrant with probable cause. If they arrest you, then you sue them for violating your 4th amendment rights! County parks are public property, not private property! This will be a expensive lesson for Clackamas County! People need to start standing up for our Constitutional rights! If we don’t stand up now, pretty soon we will have no rights!!

This will result in more ero cheap nike air max sion and trespassing and environmental damage to the surrounding areas as boaters attempt to reach the river without using the County Park Easement where they lose their civil rights. Once the alternative route is established then the pol cheap nike air max ice will play a game of Cat and Mouse and resulting in more violations of individual rights.

All of this is ostensibly, by the statement of the county board, to prevent littering but boaters can still take bottled water and soda cans on the river. Since the objective is to reduce littering why not establish several trash locations on the river for easy access by boaters. A solution far more cost effective than establishing an inspection point and roving patrols and violating civil rights. Violating Civil Rights will require at least six additional officers on special assignment which means overtime or $55/hr.If you live in Clackamas County DO NOT VOTE IN YOUR INCUMBENT. The only way to get people in we want in and get them to do cheap nike air max agood job.Fire them all. sorry only way for the PEOPLE to show WE mean business with our government. If NO Incumbent was re elected it wouldsend amessage that we do not like what the government has been doing and WE can remove you. city, county, state. do not vote in your incumbent leaders!!!! Turn it around, these idiots have to know we don’t like how they are running things.

A PUBLIC park is PUBLIC property and must not have laws that violate the US Constitution. I enjoy seeing county commissioners attempt to abuse their “power” and pass laws like this one. Not only does this law waste taxpayers money by having law enforcement waste time on non criminal activity but they will also waste money by getting sued and having to pay the court costs. The ACLU which has much better legal representation than Clackamas County will sue the county the first time someone contacts them and says they were illegally searched. If you are on public property none of your property can be searched without a search warrant or you agreeing to it. People know your rights and don’t give them up.