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Sheriff reassures safety to students

Otero County Sheriff’s Department Cpl. Livingston holds a metal detector wand while discussing courthouse security with Mountain View Middle School students Friday afternoon. Livingston and Sheriff Benny House spoke with approximately 40 students about the Sept. Livingston spoke to Mountain View Middle School sixth graders Friday about law enforcement’s role after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. House and Livingston spoke about the effects that the Sept. 11, 2001. Flight 175 from Boston to Los Angeles was the second hijacked plane to hit the World Trade Center. It plowed into the south tower of the center, killing all o cheap nike air max n board. House said he wanted the students to understand that law enforcement is about more than writing tickets and taking reports.”We have a larger commitment to the community as far as providing services,” he said. “We’re out there collecting intelligence and looking at various threats to the community. We have a commitment to work with other federal agencies. We’re out there providing the best security that we can behind the scenes.”House said he wanted to reassure the young students that law enforcement is keeping them safe.”They’re going to be hearing a lot of scary things over the next few days,” he said. “We want to reassure these kids that we are looking to keep them safe at night. We’re out there to protect and serve. We can’t foresee the future, but we can look at events that happened in the past and present to do what we can to prevent tragedies.”MVMS technology teacher Angie Wolf’s sixth grade computer class is preparing Power Point presentations for a cheap nike air max class project about 9/11, while art teacher Brenda Timmons has her sixth grade art class creating 9/11 themed artwork to be displayed in the school’s hallways.”We want students to learn about the 9/11 attacks,” Wolf said. “Our students were too young to know about the events of 9/11. We wanted them to learn about it and do independent research on the tragedy.”House cheap nike air max said the sheriff’s department has an anti terrorism officer within the department.”New York City has an anti terrorism unit because of the attacks,” he said. “We have a deputy assigned to anti terrorism, too. His name is Frank Mackewich. Mackewich does a lot of community relations projects for the department. He is also the anti terrorism investigator. He works with Office of Special Investigations at Holloman (Air Force Base) and the FBI. He gathers all the intelligence that’s out there in the community. It’s so we can be effective in doing our job. At the 12th Judicial Courthouse, all bags and parcels are X rayed, and people visiting the courthouse, including judges, have to pass through a metal detector. “Sometimes they need to pick up documents, see a district attorney, or the person is a victim an cheap nike air max d needs to speak to the district attorney. There are bad things that go on in there. We have between 10 and 20 arrests a month, which has picked up a little bit.”Livingston said the courthouse has computers and up to date technology that allows documents to be processed faster.”We used to have to write all the information down,” he said. “Because of 9/11 we’re more electronic. We also use a wand metal detector in some cases. It’s just like going through the metal detectors at the airport. We do require people to empty their pockets into a bowl and bags are X rayed by our machine. We can see what is inside it.”Livingston said deputies look for weapons, handcuff keys, pepper spray and other items that can be used as weapons.”We sometimes have to do a hand search on a person,” he said. “We use the back of our hand to search them. We try to be as invasive as possible to the person. We have confiscated several knives from people. Sometimes people like to bring in keys to open handcuffs. We confiscate them, too. We do have two holding cells in the courthouse.”Livingston told the student that the United States has people trying to hurt people within its borders.”We’re here to protect and serve the citizens of Otero County,” he said. “Sometimes people try to hurt us because they have a mental disability that makes them do it. Other people are from foreign countries that want to hurt us because we have many freedoms here. It’s one of the best places to live. Because of that, it makes us a strong country.”.

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Sheriff Issues ‘Active Shooter Bags’ To Deputies

by Adam GhassemiGALLATIN, Tenn. It doesn matter who is going through training. The scenario is almost always the same: an active shooter is inside a school and officers have to figure out how to stop them.Sumner County Sheriff Deputy Christopher Burgett has been through that type of training many times during his four years as the School Resource Officer, or SRO, at Station Camp High School.It harder than ever to get inside the building because of security features including an advanced network of cameras accessible from Burgett office and smart phone.The latest tool in his office is a small, black shoulder bag that sits between his desk and the door in case he needs to respond quickly.It called an “active shooter bag” and includes everything from food, water, as well as a map and directory of the school, to more crucial items like magazines of extra ammunition for confronting a shooter, or medical supplies for helping victims.”The packaging here can actually be used to close a sucking chest wound,” Burgett explained showing a small kit that also contains gauze and gloves.Sumner County Sheriff Sonny Wea cheap nike air max therford bought 100 bags after realizing the days of fistfights and then shaking hands have long been replaced with planned out attacks.”It sad that we have to do that, but unfortunately we at that state, that part of the game where we have to proactive and look at the future,” Weatherford said. “I think it just an essential piece of equipment just like all the other cheap nike air max equipment that we have to do with our job.”Most of them are already in the hands of deputies and nearly all SROs.Even though they have a new weapon they hope it for a war they never have to fight.”I hope I go through the rest of my career and this stuff does nothing but collect dust,” Burgett said.Weatherford said the bags cost $5,000, and came from money seized from drug cases. He said Sumner County is the first in the mid state, and possibly the entire state to have them.Plans are already in place to continue adding SROs and active shooter bags to cover every school.The cheap nike air max bags are always secured inside a deputy vehicle or in an SRO office. MathewsFuneral Services Monday For Former US Sen. Sen. Sen. more>>A N cheap nike air max ashville man has been accused of attempted murder and arson after he allegedly set fire to a local business due to a dispute with an employee. more>>