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Security Products Has Answer To Moss And Mildew Problem

Security Products Has Answer To Moss And Mildew ProblemIN THE KITCHEN

July 08, 1998PAT BOSHA, The Morning Call

El Nino’s disastrous weat nike air max 90 her patterns have already socked it to households around the nation with high winds, torrential rains and mudslides. Now the tropical troublemaker is hitting homeowners again with mildew, moss, slime mold and algae thanks to warmer, wetter weather.

There are steps homeowners can take to protect their investment from moss and mildew related damages. Now even large scale moss and mildew infestations are easy to control thanks to home and garden products such as Security Products’ Moss Mildew Killer. A blend of elemental zinc and copper, Moss Mildew Killer’s slow release formula wipes out damaging moss, mildew, slime mold and algae by depriving them of oxygen.

It’s applied by sprinkling dry from the shaker can on small areas such as walks nike air max 90 and driveways, or spray liquid Moss Mildew Killer to treat large areas such as roofs, gutters, siding even lawns.

Time crunched cooks who love no fuss cooking for the grill or oven can send their pots, pans and spatulas packing with new Reynolds Hot Bags heavy duty foil bags from the mak nike air max 90 ers of Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil.

Everything for a complete meal goes right in a foil bag pre sealed on three sides to make a large and durable pouch. Once the meal ingredients are added and the open end is folded closed tightly, the food cooks quickly and safely over the high heat of a grill or in a very hot (450 degree) oven.

Each bag holds 4 6 servings of entree dishes such as ribs, a turkey breast or whole fish, and family sized portions of vegetable side dishes such as corn on the cob or potatoes.

Suggested retail price is $3.79. To receive a free brochure with recipes call (800) 745 4000 and leave a name and address on the automated line.

The right herbs and spices can partner taste and nutrition by adding flavor to foods, according to a new brochure from the American Dietetic Association, produced in association with Spice Islands spices. The free brochure is full of flavorful recipes and healthful usage tips about using dried herbs, spices and seasonings as part of a low fat, low sodium diet. Box 6312, Stacy, Minn. 55078 6312.

Now that the days are warm, long and sunny, you don’t want to be stuck in the kitchen preparing hot and heavy dinners. Perdue has quick meal suggestions that will allow you to put nutritious meals on the table without a lot of time consuming preparation.

A 16 page booklet, “Perdue +5,” offers nike air max 90 meal ideas that combine some of Perdue’s easiest products with no more than five other ingredients. For a free copy, call (800) 4PERDUE (800 473 7383).

Readers of Gourmet magazine are invited to demonstrate that Kikkoman Soy Sauce (and eight other varieties) go beyond Asian cuisine in the “America Cooks with Kikkoman” contest. The contest offers a grand prize of $3,000 and two first prizes of $250 to entrants who create a classic American dish main course, salad, appetizer, or side dish that uses Kikkoman Soy Sauce, Lite Soy Sauce, Teriyaki Marinade Sauce, Lite Teriyaki Marinade Sauce, Teriyaki Baste Glaze, Teriyaki Baste Glaze with Honey Pineapple, Roasted Garlic Teriyaki Marinade Sauce, Sweet Sour Sauce, and/ or Stir Fry Sauce.

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Security Precautions Tighten At Local Level

December 15, 2001By PETER DUJARDIN Daily Press

NEWPORT NEWS Most airports around the country including Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport and Norfolk International Airport do not have explosive detection systems in place to scan checked bags for bombs.

But changes are afoot: A new federal law calls for giant bomb detecting machines, each about the size of a compact car, to be deployed at airports around the country by the end of 2002. government.

As the government scrambles to get the new machines in place, the question becomes whether the interim measures for bomb prevention are enough to stop terrorism.

Mark Falin, manager of Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport, said they are.

“If every airport around the country is doing what we’re doing, it’s safe to fly,” he said.

Not everybody agrees.

“As far as checked bags go, flying is no less safe but no more safe than it was before Sept. 11,” said Terry Haglund, an aviation industry attorney and aviation security expert in Williamsburg.

At Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport, as at virtually all airports around the country, the airlines not the airports are responsible for bomb prevention. Falin, who is familiar with airlines’ operations, said the airlines use a two pronged approach to bomb detection.

Certain passengers are subjected to more intense screening and hand searches of their bags. These passengers, Falin said, either come up randomly in a computer program or have characteristics that fit into profiles of those who may commit terrorist acts such as paying for a ticket in cash or buying a one way ticket.

“Until a terrorist shows us that they were not a selectee and still committed a terrorist attack, this will be considered a good way to do it,” until the bomb scanning machines are in place, he said.

The Peninsula airport also uses bag matching, which goes beyond what most other airports are doing so far. It works on the theory that people wouldn’t bring a bomb on board a plane if they were passengers.

If a bag ends up on the plane but the passenger does not, theoretically the bag would be removed before the plane takes off.

Haglund doesn’t think those methods are good enough. So few passengers far less than 10 percent at most airports get their bags searched, he said. Not only that, the bag matching theory was essentially rendered irrelevant on Sept. 11.

“With suicidal terror nike air max 90 ists who will bomb the plane and happily go down with it bag matching makes no difference whatsoever,” Haglund said.

Falin said he understands the shortcomings of bag matching.

But it could at least stop terrorists who don’t intend t nike air max 90 o commit suicide, he said. It also can be an important measure if it’s used in conjunction with the hand searching of selected bags.

Still, most airports around the country do not practice bag matching, said Rob Chamberlin, a senior counsel for the Senate Aviation Subcommittee.

Wayne Shank, Norfolk International Airport’s deputy executive director, wouldn’t discuss whether the airport uses a bag matching program. He said it is “up to the airlines” to discuss their measures.

But the Norfolk airport, like Newport News’, also pre selects and randomly searches some bags.

Since Sept. 11, airport officials there have urged passengers to arrive early enough to allow for additional screening measures.

The recent federal law, requiring bomb scanning machines by the end of 2002, al nike air max 90 so requires that interim measures be in place by Jan. 18.

These methods which will be overseen by the newly formed Transportation Security Administration can include bag matching, hand searching or bomb sniffing dogs.

The agency said it hasn’t yet decided how to implement the measures at nike air max 90 local airports.

Meanwhile, the scramble is under way to get the bomb scanning machines in place. Falin, from the airport in Newport News, said he recently met with Federal Aviation Administration officials to talk about where the airport would put the large, heavy machines when they do come in.

It’s a tall order to get the machines in place at the country’s 453 commercial airports by the end of next year. As it stands now, only about 153 bomb scanners are in place at about 50 airports; by next year, the government hopes to have 2,100 of them installed.

Hank Price, a spokesman for the Transportation Security Administration, remained undaunted by the scope of the work.