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Shotgun Theatre

Here at Shotgun we pride ourselves in being Exeter’s most quirky, controversial Musical Theatre society. Whilst we are completely mad about any Musical Theatre; kooky performances are our bag, think off the cuff, fringe style performances. In the past we have performed musicals about parallel Universes, half men half bats and killer plants! The most important part of Shotgun’s ethos however, is having a fun and getting involved! We have so many different performance oppo nike air nike air max 95 max 95 rtunities throughout the year aside from our termly musicals. Our inclusivity allows all members to be a massive part of Shotgun, from termly Cabarets, open mic nights and fantastic socials; giving our societies members ample opportunities to get together and bond over a shared appreciation of the wonderful thing that is Musical Theatre! Whilst we are all about having fun, we do work incredibly hard throughout the year and demonstrate full commitment to achieve fantastic results! When it comes to performing, we value enthusiasm, passion and commitment, which is abundant in all of our many talented society members. If you think we might be just what you looking for, please like us on Facebook at ‘Shotgun Theatre’ and get in touch! We love to hear from you.This term’s musical will be Spring Awakening, which we are very excited about indeed. This is set to be Shotgun’s biggest project to date and will be performed at The P nike air max 95 hoenix from 21st 23rdJanuary. The Tony Award winning Spring Awakening is rock musical that the follows lives of teenagers on the road to self discovery and their sexuality. The original play was banned due to its sexua nike air max 95 lly explicit content and controversial themes, which is exactly why Shotgun are taking it on!

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Shot’ bags ideal gig with his radio show

“I take a lot of naps,” said Shot, who doesn’t mind being called by his “middle name,” stressing that his full name is The Shot Doctor. “I love naps. My goal is to sleep 12 hours out of every 24. Sleeping, eating and watching sports my life is full.”The Shot D nike air max 95 octor is the most unique person in Central Florida radio, partially because the co star of The Finish Line weeknights on 740 The Team AM was created for radio.Once upon a time there was a career grocery bagger and stocker named Mike Josephs who worked from 1981 through 1997 at various Kash stores in the area. Stock the canned corn, unload the potatoes, price the asparagus. Somehow, his life did not seem fulfilled.Then he met Greg Warmoth on the golf course. Warmoth, the current morning anchor at WFTV Ch. 9, was also hosting a morning sports talk radio show then. He thought the guy from the grocery had clever golf tips even though he was a terrible golfer. So he suggested this guy should call in to the show with tips and, in 1995, nike air max 95 Warmoth introduced him as The Shot Doctor.In 1997, Mike left the grocery business and The Shot Doctor turned to radio full time.”You know, I’m proud of that,” Warmoth said about his creation. “He really and truly bagged groceries for nearly 20 years, but now he’s taken his radio work to the next level.”Whatever level that might be.For years Shot has partnered with Jerry O’Neill nike air max 95 , a veteran of the sports talk radio game. They remind me most of Abbott Costello with O’Neill constantly berating Shot, who just lets the barbs roll off his back and calls it “buffoonery.”Shot understands radio. One thing he understands is that people can’t see you. That’s why he doesn’t hesitate to describe himself as “Six foot three, 205 pounds and 5.8 percent body fat.”And he also claims to be “the Jewish Bronco Nagurski,” who set rushing records at Winter Park High that have never been touched. Perhaps they’ve never been touched because they’ve never been found. (A nasty rumor has it that he actually was a water boy, but you know how people like to talk about superstars.)As for his social life, he proudly has none.”DirecTV has changed my life,” he says with religious zeal. “No more sports bars watching football. I’m in my swinging singles bachelor pad, sitting in my big black leather chair directl nike air max 95 y in front of my 60 inch TV screen. Life is good.”Was Shot ever close to marriage? Once in 1984. He remembers watching a USFL game with his girlfriend when she said something about how nice it would be eventually when he’d come home from work to play with the kids.He never saw her again.Somewhere there is a birth certificate that claims this man is 50 years old. But that’s not true. The Shot Doctor is ageless. He is the ultimate sports fan, happily involved in fantasy leagues in football, baseball, golf and basketball. On the air, he is an acquired taste but has a loyal listening base that recognizes at least a little of Shot in themselves.”This is the finest job anyone ever had,” Shot says. “If I had to get a real job now, I couldn’t do it.”