nike air max thea Sidewalk Etiquette 101Just

Sidewalk Etiquette 101

Just like street traffic flow, the sidewalk has a flow to it as well and if you walking against the flow move over or you might nike air max thea get clipped.

As I walk the busy streets of downtown Chicago, everyday I encounter someone who is oblivious to the sidewalk etiquette. One would think nike air max thea that everyone knows how to share a sidewalk, but they don They start, stop, turn and crisscross the sidewalk like unaware they are causing a sidewalk jam. The unofficial guideline is that sidewalk traffic mirrors lane traffic. Look at the traffic lane nearest you. If Northbound traffic is on the right, you should be on the right. Move to the right and don meander from side to side, walk in a straight line. Sure it nice to walk with your friends, but you can hog entire sidewalk. The only exception is when you are traveling with small children or someone you need to protect on both sid nik nike air max thea e air max thea es.

Don be a sidewalk hog, the rules of etiquette apply outdoors as well as in. Plus, it these types of common courtesy that keep society moving forward pun intended.

nike air max thea sidestps and lowdown on lookin

sidestps and lowdown on looking your best

I didn’t know this, but apparently it’s a “thing”, you are supposed to first check that any friends who are also in the pic look A OK, because they in fact might harbour the irrational belief that they don’t, and might get a bit angry that you have shared their supposed hideousness with the world.

I have posted pics of other people that I thought were great, but because I won’t put my glasses on in public to check for miniscule photo flaws like double chins, half closed eyes, or tuckshop arms, some less than stellar shots might have snuck through.

Anyhoo, to minimise the angst of having people asking you to take down the only pic that you look half decent in, here are a few tips to ensure you and your besties look super glamm o in every pic.

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1 Wear matte makeup if you are going out. Any kind of sparkle, shine or shimmer is enhanced by flash photography, and if you also tend to be a human oil well, take makeup blotters in your bag (not ones with rice powder or they’ll leave a white trace) and remember to use them.

2 Mix a dab of concealer with a dab of foundation on your hand before applying, to avoid reverse panda eyes.

3 To avoid a double chin, think, “Chin out and down”. Poke your chin out slightly, and then lower it slightly. This makes your neck look skinnier. Practise this at home first until you know how it looks and feels, then make sure you nike ai nike air max thea r max thea remember to do it before saying, “Cheese”.

4 After applying lipstick, stick your index finger in your mouth up to the second knuckle, then draw it out slowly, (this is best done in private, as if there is eye contact, you may give the wrong impression to any fellas who happen to be passing by). All the lippy that was headed for your teeth will come out on your finger. Clean lippy off digit and you’re set.

5 Hold your arms away from your body to avo nike air max thea id the Christmas ham upper arm effect. The best way is to put your hands casually on your hips then slide them down to your upper thigh (so you don’t look like a knitwear catalogue model). Turn your body slightly side on so one elbow is pointing at the camera, and voila elongated arms. You’ll look like you’ve been hitting the gym, nike air max thea and if you actually have been hitting the gym, you’ll look even more ripped.