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Sideline shouting rigged Vic soccer games

By Genevieve Gannon

MELBOURNE, April 11 AAP English soccer players involved in an international match fixing scam in Australia feared they’d be caught because the local ringleader would shout instructions during the matches, a court has he nike air max thea ard.

Segaran “Gerry” Subramaniam, 46, would be told over the phone how many goals were to be conceded then try to “get the message” to players by yelling instructions from the sidelines, prosecutors said.

The Malaysian national acted as a facilitator between players at Victorian Premier League club the Southern Stars and overseas syndicate bosses.

“The boss was nike air max thea ringing constantly,” Subramaniam said in a record of interview read in the Victorian County Court on Friday.

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“He called saying: ‘This better fing happen.'”

Prosecutor Peter Rose, SC, said nike air max thea about $64,000 passed through Subramaniam for the payment of players, and to arrange hotels and ca nike air max thea rs for them.

He said Subramaniam played an important local role in the syndicate which “had tentacles in other parts of the world”.

“There has to be someone like him doing this,” Mr Rose said.

“It’s the leadership role of the system in Victoria.”

Defence lawyer Ian Hayden said Subramaniam earned as little as $2000 a month from the scheme.

“The lack of sophistication was such that he was calling out from the sidelines,” Mr Hayden said, describing it as absolutely chaotic.

He said players were worried about the way the instructions were given.

“They were saying ‘does he want to be caught?’.”

Two players convicted of fixing matches at the Southern Stars were given fines of $1200 and $2000, but Mr Rose said a custodial sentence was necessary in the case of Subramaniam.

Subramaniam has pleaded guilty to one match fixing charge, an offence that carries a prison term of up to 10 years.

Mr Hayden said Subramaniam is a man of good character with no prior convictions.

Judge Michael Bourke said it wasn’t just those who lost money betting on the game who were the victims in the crime, but the honest players at the club.

nike air max thea sided rainforest love affair

sided rainforest love affair

Rangers have advised the only way to stop her wanton behaviour is to place a paper bag over the head of the male, not because he ugly but because it renders him unrecognisable to Judy the love struck cassowary.

The heartbreaking case of unrequited cassowary love is a tourism drawcard at North Mission Beach, but it is a love story to which there can never be a happy ending.

It may have the town laughing, but the fact is Judy the impressionable young female cassowary nike air max thea has fallen head over heels in lust with Billy Bob, a guy who has the personality of a brick and the smarts of a fence post.

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This is a guy who is not going anywhere, literally.

If Judy mum and dad were still around, they probably take her aside for a quiet chat and say you gotta ditch that Billy Bob guy. He ain nothin but trouble Sadly, there is no one to give Judy advice and at least twice a day she walks in unannounced, stands in front of Stella, the female cassowary statue and eyeballs her, woman to woman for 20 or so seconds.

Stella, because she can do anything else, stares back. This enrages Judy, who then attacks Stella with her feet and then nike air max thea sashays over to Billy Bob, gives him the once over and squats down on the ground in front of him in the cassowary mating position.

Angi Matveyeff from Mission Beach Business and Tourism located inside the Information Centre said Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service rangers had recomm nike air max thea ended placing a paper bag over Billy Bob head.

bag worked. We had Premier Campbell Newman here a couple of weeks ago and took the bag off. Judy was back straight away, she said.

Ms Matveyeff said rangers think Judy is the same bird that used to come to the Information Centre as a chick with her dad just after nike air max thea Cyclone Yasi in 2011, and perhaps she had a crush on Billy Bob since she was a tyke.