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view traffic Islip, NY 57Imagine paying $25 to check your bag, then arriving at the gate to hear the agent offer a free drink coupon to anyone willing to let the airline check their carry on at no charge.

This happened cheap air max on a cheap air max Delta Air Lin cheap air max es flight from Minneapolis to Seattle recently. The flight was full. Flight attendants sensed there would be a battle for overhead space. Rather than risk delaying the flight, they took pre emptive action and got lots of takers.

Are you fuming yet? Maybe cheap air max you’re gloating, if you’re one of those who figured out that the way to avoid paying a checked bag fee is to take the bag to the gate and count on the airline running out of space.

“There’s something very broken here,” says Jay Sorensen, president of IdeaWorks, a consulting firm that advises airlines on ways to boost money earned from things other than ticket sales. “Something has to give.”

Airlines will either get serious about enforcing their one carry on per passenger rules or find other solutions, he predicts. Does that mean more will follow Spirit Airlines’ model of charging for all baggage, checked and carry on? Not likely.

Louisiana Sen. Mary L. Landrieu introduced legislation in Congress in November to protect travelers from excessive bag fees. If passed, it would require airlines to allow one checked bag and one carry on at no charge.

Landrieu says there’s justification, given testimony by Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano that checked bag fees have boosted Transportation Security Administration screening costs by $260 million a year because so many people are taking carry ons.