cheap air max Should AMD kill the ATI brand

Should AMD kill the ATI brand

AMD finally completed its acquisition of ATI last month. Some rumors claim AMD will preserve the ATI brand name in the graphics market and rename ATI’s AMD chipsets, but the company introduced an ATI graphics card under the AMD brand earlier this week in the form of the AMD Stream Processor. All this raises the question: should AMD just get rid of the ATI brand name and get it over with? On the upside, having two brand names referring to a single company’s products is bound to get confusing. That said, renaming ATI’s entire product line might hurt brand recognition, since ATI’s been a player in the graphics industry for around two decades. What do you think? Should the ATI name get the axe, or should it be allowed to coexist peacefully with the AMD brand? That’s what we’re asking in our latest poll, so feel free to go over and vote.

In last week’s poll, we about whether you intended to purchase one of Nvidia’s newly released GeForce 8800 series graphics cards. Unsurprisingly, the largest portion of those who voted (48%) would rather wait. Still, 18% of our voters are apparently comfortab cheap air max le si cheap air max nking $5 cheap air max 00 650 into one of Nvidia’s new screamers. T cheap air max he remaining 34% think it wiser to wait for ATI to retort with its upcoming R600 graphics processor, which looks to pack a mighty punch according to the latest rumors.