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Shouldn’t all Homes be Built with Pets in Mind

We finally moved into the new home we had built and boy, were we happy! With all of our earthly belongings hauled inside, it was time to show the place to the pets.

Tinkerbell (Saint Bernard), Cutie Pie and Buddy (Pekingese), and Jingle Bells (Maine Coon) were escorted in and presented with the house. They were not as impressed as we had hoped. In fact they looked to us as if they’d missed something, but were perfectly happy to be with us once again. Oh well.

That evening, with much left to be unpacked and my wife and daughter in their beds, I made one last check of the windows and doors before going to sleep. Three dogs and a cat looked to me expectantly.

I realized they probably were not thrilled about sleeping on the tile floors, so I found towels to cushion their slumber until their beds were found. I made s cheap air max ure they had bowls full of food and water, noticing they seemed misplaced and liable to be tripped over there in the kitchen. The cat had nothing to climb. It occurred to me:

Shouldn’t all homes be built with pets in mind?

Over fifty percent of homes in the US have pets and that number is growing. Only a slightly smaller number own multiple pets. Americans spend more than 36 billion dollars every year on their canine and feline family members, and very often a design concept is pet, human, and environmentally friendly all at once.

Pets are one of the fastest growing positive factors in human households and possibly our best method of home protection as well.

“The greatn cheap air max ess of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way in which its animals are treated.” Gandhi

Would pet friendly homes in the US and Canada be moral progress?

The new environment of our new home suddenly seemed unnatural for my pets. I realized home builders generally ignore the fact that there will likely be pets involved, other than an occasional fence, which may have other purposes like security anyway. I thought about what a pet friendly design for a dog or cat might consider:Ease of cleaningSty cheap air max le and comfort

Family and pet conscious designInterior; for comfort, versatility, and durability

Pet friendly fabrics and furnishings

Easy clean surfaces

Pet friendly mudroom

Cat friendly windowsills

Professional series central vacuum

Pet exterior access do cheap air max ors

Energy efficient windows and siding

Low VOC paint (volatile organic compounds, solvents that get released into the air and cause headaches and dizziness)