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Sheriff Says Remains Same Size As Caylee

An emergency motion filed by Casey Anthony’s attorney, Jose Baez, was denied on Friday and the defense revealed in court that Sheriff Kevin Beary told them the remains of a child found Thursday had the same general measurements as the missing toddler, Caylee Anthony.

Baez co counsel, Linda Kenney Baden, also said that the sheriff told them the hair color on the skull that was found was the same as Caylee’s.

The motion would have allowed the defense team’s forensic experts to be present during the autopsy of the skeletal remains found Thursday less than a mile from the Anthony home.

The judge said the defense was jumping the gun since there was no positive identification that the remains were Caylee Anthony.

But Friday’s hearing showed investigators strongly believe that they have found Caylee.

“If this does not turn out to be Caylee Marie Anthony, this is somebody’s child and nothing could be more depressing than that,” said Jose Baez, Casey Anthony’s attorney.

“I submit the court should not accept something as agregious as allowing strangers to be present for the autopsy of a young child,” the prosecution said.

Judge Stan Strickland ruled that there is no positive identification that the remains found yesterday are, indeed Caylee, but the defense said it’s clear investigators are thinking that Thursday’s find just might be the missing toddler.

“Mr. Baez was called yesterday by the sheriff, and he can correct me if I’m wrong, that the anthropological measurements were correct on the hold for her being Casey Anthony (and) the hair color was correct,” said Linda Kenney Baden, the defense co counsel.

Strickland’s ruling will allow the medical examiner to test the remains without the presence of other experts. According to the attorneys for the state, it’s only fair out of respect for the dead.

“What I don’t want to see, bluntly, is five minutes or 44 hours after viewing an autopsy, a defense expert on a national news show describing this childs remains,” the prosecution said.

Strickland did rule that once a positive ID has been made than the defense would be immediately notified.

During Friday’s hearing, the Orange County Sheriff’s office did agree to allow the defense to inspect the crime scene where the remains were found immediately after they finished their investigation.

Casey Under Observation Meanwhile, through all of this, Casey Anthony remains locked up without bond.

She reportedly got so upset at hearing the news Thursday that she had to have a sedative.

Casey was visited by Jose Baez Thursday night. He said she met with a psychologist and wa cheap nike air max s placed on psychological observation, but is not on a suicide watch.

Caylee’s Grandparents Return Home The grandparents of Caylee Anthony returned to their home late Friday afternoon for the first time after the discovery of a child’s remains were found about one quarter mile away. they left the home and were taken away by the same men. With a tense expression on her face and carrying a dog, Cindy Anthony had nothing to say to the media.

911 Call Released For the first time, we are hearing the 911 call made by the utility worker who found the remains of a child a short distance from the home of Caylee Anthony’s grandparents and the exchange that followed with the worker’s di cheap nike air max spatchers and the 911 operator.

“We found a human skull,” said the dispatcher.

“Oh my gosh,” the operator said.
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“We’ve got a meter reader. I’m going to let you speak right now with the representative with our field services,” the dispatcher said.

“A skull that he believes is human,” the field dispatcher said.

“What’s the location,” the operator said.

“It’s right off Suburban and Chickasaw in the Caylee Anthony area, cheap nike air max ” the field dispatcher said.

“Oh,” the operator reacted.

The utiilty worker had gone into the woods to relieve himself around 9:30 Thursday morning when he made the discovery.