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Second Amendment group claims Connecticut ‘does not have the balls’ to enforce gun law comments

To the “law abiding citizen,” fire arms are a means to protect your loved o nike air max 90 nes yourself, should the occasion present itself. Keeping your weapon “in a nike air max 90 safe place away from the house in a fault (vault you mean) at a registered club,” completely negates any p nike air max 90 ossibility of using that weapon for self defense of you your family residing in your home.

YOU my friend are out of touch with reality!! Sorry, but the days of guns have never been more apparent than the present days!!

David Saint: I suppsoe you think that Rosa Parks was a criminal and should have been sent to jail. She broke the law! No one is talking about “shooting it out” with police. They are simply refusing to follow a law they deem unconstitutional. The alternative to resistance is to just accept it in the name of self preservation. I applaud these citizens and thier willingness to take a stand, even if it means they might get punished for it. Civil d nike air max 90 isobedience brings attention to an injustice, and motivates others to make their voices heard too.