nike air max 95 Shoppers say bag ban will forc

Shoppers say bag ban will force them out of Toronto

Toronto proposed plan to ban plastic bags may start pushing many suburban shoppers out of the city limits.

Toronto city council voted Wednesday to ban plastic bags as of Jan. 1 but many living in the surrounding communities say it will just mean they will pick up their groceries closer to home.

I don have a bag with me at all times, I will just have to do my sho nike air max 95 pping after I left Toronto, said Markham resident Jason Chui. wouldn be protesting the bag ban, I just know I won always have my own bag. And because of that, I might as well shop in Markham where I can always get a plastic bag if I need to. is one of the many residents of the GTA who work in Toronto but live outside of the city limits. While the ban will be imposed in Toronto itself, outlying communities will not be affected. With over 3M people living in the surrounding areas, a lot of business could be redir nike air max 95 ected away from the big city.

Markham resident Andrew Bennett said that while now it seems very as to what the city is going to do to replace plastic bags, if their solution is to only use fabric nike air max 95 bags, he nike air max 95 could join the Toronto shopping exit.

my wife goes shopping, she remembers to take the reusable bags, said Bennett. if she asks me to pick something up on my way home I don always remember. resident Darlene Schultz noted that while she understands that plastic bags aren the most environmentally friendly, they can be necessary. She always has a fabric bag rolled into her purse, but sometimes not everything fits in it and often ends up with a plastic bag or two.

can get the same groceries downtown that I can get at home, said Schultz. saves me time now to go to the Loblaws by my office building. If I don have a bag with me once the (ban) happens, I just go to the Superstore in Scarborough.