nike air max Seasonal gifts from power comp

Seasonal gifts from power company
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FOR the second year running rugby clubs across Scotland have been awarded a seasonal gift of rugby kit from Scottish Rugby and Perth based community rugby sponsor Scottish Hydro Electric.

In the second year of the three year 90,000 Kit for nike air max Development initiative, the power company is providing rugby clubs with 30,000 worth of rugby kit to help grow the game by encouraging more players in their youth sections.

In addition to the 60 clubs selected last year, a further 60 clubs will now be awarded with a 500 kit p nike air max ackage of their choice meaning that in the two years of the initiative, two thirds of the total number of full member clubs in Scotland have been rewarded.

Colin Thomson, Scottish Rugby’s head of community rugby, said: “This is another terrific example of how a company which is committed to community rugby can make it easier for clubs to open their doors and welcome those who want to experience the game.

“Facilities and equipment are fundamental to the development of rugby and the Kit for Development initiative offers many clubs the chance to improve their stock of equipment which is crucial to the delivery of rugby in clubs.”

Clubs chose from six 500 kit packages which include essential items such as balls, tackle bags, rucking shields, pumps, cones and w nike air max histles.

Anna Crampin, Scottish Hydro Electric’s partnership manager explained: “The Kit for Development scheme is our way of directly contributing to grassroots rugby.

“In the three years of this programme, every one of the 158 associate member clubs in the Scottish Hydro Electric regional, national and premier divisions will receive 500 worth of specialist rugby kit.