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Seasonal Programs

Find out what’s wild and what’s not at the Edmonton Valley Zoo this spring and summer. Discover the differences between domestic and wild animals nike air max as we visit animals from around the world. We’ll also encounter farm animals such as chickens and rabbits, and meet some animals that are domesticated in other countries such as alpacas and elephants.

: 1.5 hours (Ages 3 4), 2 hours (Ages 5 6)

: May 12 to August 31

Fees: $156 (1.5 hours), $187 (2 hours)Wake up to the sounds of gibbons whooping and kookaburras laughing! This exciting overnight at the zoo will include an evening tour to see which animals are just waking up, behind the scenes experiences, and animal encounters.

Your group will help make and deliver animal enrichments, and experience a night to remember. Program can also include an evening campfire (depending on weather conditions). Please inquire at time of booking. Themed activities, games, encounters, artifacts, and enrichments will enhance your students’ appreciation for the wide variety of animals that are capable of surviving at night, and the unique adaptations of nocturnal animals.

Explore the zoo after hours and meet some of our threatened and endangered animals. Hands on activities, games, encount nike air max ers, artifacts, and enrichments will focus on some of the endangered animals that live at the zoo, and reasons for their endangerment. Go behind the scenes, and discover how zoos and zookeepers care for many of our endangered species.

What is it like to be a zookeeper? Tour the zoo behind the scenes and learn how zookeepers care f nike air max or the many animals that live at the zoo. Students will participate in various zookeeping related activities including cleaning nike air max an animal enclosure, and preparing an enrichment and a diet for a couple of our zoo residents. Animal encounters and hands on animal themed games and activities round out the evening.

Specific activities selected for your program are dependent on animal health and zookeeper availability.