nike air max Seasonal resident’s pleaGr

Seasonal resident’s plea

Grab a bag, take a walk, pick up trash

As a seasonal resident of Florida for the past 10 plus years, it’s always a joy to return to escape the bitter cold of home although this year was questionable for the first few days of January.

As one who enjoys a morning walk or occasional run of 3 to 5 miles near nike air max Isla del Sol, it has been a pleasure this year to see how much cleaner the roads and bridges seem to be. I always carry a couple of plastic shopping bags on my daily excursion, usually venturing east or west down Pinellas Bayway and often across the drawbridge to St. Pete Beach or Tierre Verde, and picking up litter from along the roads, making my exercise beneficial in two ways.
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I still find an abundance of plastic beverage bottles, aluminum cans, bottles and the biggest culprit discarded empty cigarette packages. But the v nike air max olume is considerably less than in years past. My biggest concern is for trash that will not decompose on its own in the beautiful Florida sun.

Maybe the decrease in nike air max trash is due to the economy and people having less to throw out of their car windows, or fishermen on the bridges realizing that their garbage eventually ends up in the bay if they don’t take away what they bring.

For your permanent Florida residents, please take pride in your beautiful state and keep your trash to yourself rather than pitch it out the car window for someone else to collect.

Since I see many people out for a stroll in the welcoming weather, I suggest that everyone tuck a plastic bag in their pocket and pick up litter that they come across.

We can all make Florida more inviting and enjoyable.

A Sam’s Club would be welcome, many say Jan. 17

Old Kmart perfect site for Sam’s Club

While I will be glad to see a Sam’s Club closer to me, I have a better suggestion. The vacant Kmart location on 34th Street S has 94,500 square feet. Yet it sits empty. Would that not make a perfect location? Especially since it already has a parking lot.

I think the south side of St. Petersburg could use the economic boost, plus, the 22nd Avenue N corridor is so over crowded and heavily traveled. I just think the Kmart site makes more sense.

Red light cameras a big waste of funds

I am concerned about cities spending taxpayers’ dollars on red light cameras. I feel this is a tremendous waste of funds. There are a lot of infrastructure projects within each city that need attention and money. Also, what about the homeless and being prepared for the weather changes here? We have to have money for that.

I think the people would be better served if the cameras were not there. We have enough cameras in stores and in front of banks and private residences and property. “Big Brother” is watching us enough. I feel we have lost enough of our rights and privacy as it is.