nike air max trainers Simple Clutch Handbag for Any

Simple Clutch Handbag for Any Occasion

This free sewing pattern will guide you through every step to make your own clutch purse that measures approximately 10″ by 6″, with a simple strap handle . Create a simple lined clutch handbag to go with every outfit. If you have never attempted a lined project before, this one will make a great first time lining project.Outer Fabric 1/3 yard of 45″ wide medium weight to heavy weight fabric or fabric backed with fusible interfacing to make create appropriate body in the fabricLining Fabric 1/3 yard of 45″ wide light weight fabricOne magnetic Purse Closure How to Install a Magnetic Button Closure for a Handbag, Pocketbook or PurseThread to match fabric and liningOptional fusible interfacing to stiffen or add body to a chosen fabric. Understand Sewing Interfacing for Fabric Sew In or FusibleTip:If you want the bag to match your outfit but the fabric is silky and flimsy, add layers of fusible interfacing, and fabric if needed to create the fabric you need.It is best to use rotary cutting tools and rulers to be sure to obtain squared corners and even measurement. (Information about Rotary Cutting Tools) If you are not using rotary rulers, be sure to obtain squared corners as it is very easy to end up with a lopsided rectangle.On one end of each 6.5″ by 2″ side of the bag piece, mark dots a 1/2″ in from the bottom and side, on both sides of one end of each side piece.Transferring Pattern Markings to FabricTip:If you want rounded corners on the flap of this bag, place both body of the bag pieces (lining and outer fabric) on top of each other, fold in half lengthwise and then round off the unfolded corners on one end using a template such as a dessert plate or embroidery nike air max trainers hoop. By cutting the four layers together you are assured all of the rounded corners are the same.Lay the unmarked end of the 6.5″ by 2″ piece on the side ends of 19″ by 11″ piece.At the dot, make a small clip in the seam allowance of the 19″ by 11″ piece.Pin nike air max trainers the side in place along the 19″ edge, turn at the dot, pin the bottom, clip the seam allowance at the next dot and pin the remaining edge of the side piece so that three edges of the side piece are attached to the straight 19″ edge.Sew the side to the body of the bag,pivoting with the needle down at the dots. Back stitch at the ends of each long side piece.Re nike air max trainers peat for the remaining side piece, attaching it to the opposite 19″ edge.Fold the length of the strap in half with the wrong sides togetherFold each side in half again so the raw edge lines up with the original center fold line.Align the folded edges so they are perfectly aligned.Sew along the edge where you aligned the edges, sewing as close to the edge as possible wihtout going off the edge. Tips for Sewing Straight Lines Using Sewing Machine Seam GuidesFold the strap in half to bring both ends together, keeping the strap straight.Baste the ends to the top center of one side section.It may be helpful to pin the strap to the body of the bag so it will not get caught in seams as you attach the lining in the remaining steps.The Magnetic Button ClosureOn the front of the bag section measure down 4″ from the raw edge and 4″ in from the side seam to place one side of the magnetic closure.On one end of the lining (where the fla nike air max trainers p will be) measure up from the shorter edge 2″ and in 5 1/2″ from the sides to place the other side of the magnetic closure.