nike air max trainers Simple Duffle Bag Tutorial Par

Simple Duffle Bag Tutorial Part 3

Okay, we in the last legs of the project now! Stretch your legs for a second, go to the girls room, get nike air max trainers a drink of water or coffee or wine even, and come on back.

Now, we got our zipper in place and should still have the zipper foot attached to our machine, right? Right. So next we going to attach the piping. Piping is optional on this bag and you don have to have it, but it sure does look nice.

Any sewing machine manufacturer will tell you it is not a good idea to sew over your straight pins. This can cause serious damage to your machine, not to mention those little suckers go flying when they pop apart and a sharp projectile flying at bare eyeballs is not a good thing. SO. take your time, GO SLOWLY, and remove your pins BEFORE they get to the presser foot of your machine. I know. its easy to get anxious and go a little faster in order to get to the finished product, but trust me anything worth doing, is worth doing well and safely.

17. Now, pin the piping to the right side of your fabric, with the decorative edge facing the CENTER of your bag as shown below:

The piping will go along the edge of the fabric where you be sewing the rounded ends on.

19. Now, take your bag AND your circle ends to the irong board. Fold the circle ends in half, then in half again to create a pie wedge. Press with your iron nike air max trainers . This will provide the creases to guide you in pinning the ends to your bag.

20. With nike air max trainers the bag zipped closed, fold the bag in half lengthwise, bringing the bottom center up to meet the zipper. Now, repeat this action so that your bag is folded twice lenthwise. Press with your iron to create the creases you use as pinning guides.

Crease the bag to create pinning guides for attaching your circle ends.

21. Now, pin the ends to your bag, matching the creases in the circles and the bag. Its going to take several pins, and you may end up with a few tucks in your bag ends, but that okay. It doesn detract from the beauty or functionality of the bag at all.

22. Now, with the presser foot still attached, sew the ends of the bags to the bag body, using your nike air max trainers fingers to FEEL where the piping edge is sandwiched between the layers of fabric. Stay as close to that edge as possible, so that only the cording part of the piping shows through on the finished product.

23. NOW, place your regular foot back on your machine and apply a zigzag stitch to the raw edges of the bag ends, to prevent fraying. Turn the bag inside out and VOILA! YOu done!

You just made a great bag for carrying beach items, organizing your vehicle in a fashionable way or taking on a weekend get away.

Next time, I include an amendment to this tutorial for attaching a lining with pockets, exterior pockets, longer handles and a handy, removable shoulder strap!