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Simple life is right one for me

I’m a man of meager tastes. I don’t like “fancy” or expensive things when it comes to amenities.

If I had the choice of eating at a five star restaurant or a diner, I’d ch nike air max trainers nike air max trainers oose a diner. I’d rather have Flo, not Pierre, tell me to “kiss my grits” and take my order.

I registered early for a hotel room at the Embassy Suites in downtown Albuquerque, the site of the convention. I browsed through online photos of all the rooms, which I felt we nike air max trainers re too expensive. I chose the least expensive room available.

I left on a late Friday afternoon. My oldest daughter decided, at the last second, to ride up with me. After cramming a nice dress and some clothes into a duffel bag, we were off. It took about three hours, but we arrived safely and entered the hotel lobby.

Upon arrival, my daughter’s jaw hit the floor when she saw three glass elevators ascending and descending between the ground and ninth floor. There was gold trim just about everywhere. A huge chandelier dangled above us while bellhops asked if they could help us with our luggage, which consisted of two duffel bags, a camera, a laptop computer and a Burger King bag.

We felt like hillbillies arriving in Beverly Hills for the first time. This was a treat for us.

The seminars at the convention were somewhat boring for my daughter, but she had fun taking photos during the awards ceremony.

In between all the hoopla, we rode the glass elevators and each pretended to be Superman minus the blue tights and red cape rocketing into the sky. We ordered pizza and had it delivered to our room eight floors up, and watched a Spanish style wedding take place in the hotel lobby.

While we watched the Spanish wedding from our perch on the eighth floor, I noticed a man walking toward the glass elevators. He paused momentarily near a maid cart that was left nike air max trainers unattended in the hallway of our floor.

I watched as the man nonchalantly walked around it, stopped, then walked around it again in the opposite direction. He then took something from the cart and shoved it into his pocket.

“Hey, that guy just took something from that maid’s cart,” my daughter said.

Acknowledging her Sherlock Holmes esque skills, I shouted to the man, “You know, those are free. All you have to do is ask.”

I shudder to think what the bride and groom, as well as the wedding guests, must have thought of my remark.

The man’s pace quickened as he boarded the elevator to parts unknown.

“Why did he take that from the cart?” my daughter asked.

Since I’m not skilled in mental telepathy, I did not have an answer.

“I guess he needed something,” I said, showing off own brand of Holmes like deftness. “Let’s get some pizza.”

Yes, it’s nice to know that we still enjoy the simpler things in life.

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