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Simple Needs GA

To help them feel more comfortable a little provides them with a duffel bag containing toiletries and other items they will n nike air max trainers eed during their possible six week stay at the shelter (all larger size toiletries, not the travel or sample size). We need approximately 1,000 bags each year. Currently, we are putting about 15 items in the men bag nike air max trainers s and about 21 in the women items are distributed in a duffel bag (22″ or so). If your group would like to purchase the items for the bags, but need SNGA to provide the bags, we can do that.

is the best thing; every little detail. This is amazing! would like to thank everyone involved with Simple Needs GA (including BB Bank) for their generosity, compassion and loving spirit. The result of everyone working together as one team to bring assistance/supplies to the homeless families and those in need nike air max trainers is amazing. nike air max trainers By the way, the items in your duffel bags are FANTASTIC! Thanks again. want to express my gratitude and thankfulness. I came to [MUST Ministries’ Elizabeth Inn] feeling lonely. I felt no one cared. Then I was given a bag with personal items and toiletries, and I was so moved by the gift that I began to cry. I was surprised at my emotions, but the thought was, ‘Someone thought of me.’ It’s the small things sometimes that make a difference. Love and compassion can be shown in so many ways. I want to thank you. God bless you all! bag is nice; I can take it to work.