nike air Scotland win T20 series 2C

Scotland win T20 series 2

Ca nike air lum MacLeod helped Scotland beat Kenya by seven wickets with nine balls to spare to clinch the T20 series 2 0 in Aberdeen. After restricting Kenya to 100 for 8, Scotland started sl nike air ow in their chase. They lost their first wicket in the seventh over at the score of 32 and still needed 49 from the last eight overs when second wicket fell in the 12th over. MacLeod continued at the other end to make sure Scotland reached the target with ease, by scoring 16 off the first three balls of the 19th over to finish the chase.

After opting to bat, Kenya lost four wickets in the first seven overs, including two ducks, which put them under pressure straightaway. Duncan Allan scored 18 after that but their last four contributed only 15 runs together. Collins Obuya was unbeaten with a 42 ball 38 which took them to 100 but it wasn’t competitive enough. Calvin Burnett finished with 3 for 18 and Majid Haq picked up two wickets.

yohandf nike air 1984 for the demise of Kenyan c nike air ricket there is only the ICC to blame when Kenya had a vibrant and successful team the ICC sat back and did nothing to help either by arranging matches or by providing the finances to grow the game. In the period when many millions of dollars have been ploughed into Bangla Kenya have been allowed to wither on the vine and descend into a poor shadow of what they were. Its to be hoped that the ICC have learned the lesson so that Ire Afg Neth etc are not to follow in Kenya’s footsteps and they are given the chances that Bangla were and are still being given to improve and grow their game. It is unlikely however that they will given the chance seeing the vast sums of money being poured into both Zim and Bangla for almost no discernible return, money that is just being poured down as seemingly bottomless pit.

Ramdin’s thorny crown

Tony Cozier: The new WI captain is an astute tactician, but without any standout players at his disposal, his job remains just as hard as it was for his predecessor