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nike air max trainers Simple Ideas For Homemade Favo

Simple Ideas For Homemade Favors

Not sure what to give a hostess or perh nike air max trainers aps a shower guest? Well, if you’re short on time and money, but full of creativity, why not make your own token of thanks?

Lisa Benenson, editor in chief of Hallmark Magazine, shares some ideas for simple, inexpensive favo nike air max trainers rs and gifts for hosts and party guests.

“Here, for our pineapple spice cake, we started with flour and then we have a layer of brown sugar, another layer of white sugar and some spices, a layer with some poppy seeds in it and then I’m going to top it off with our dried pineapple,” says Benenson.

To complete the look you can tie a ribbon around the neck with a recipe card and a personal message. For an added touch, cover the jar with a piece of cloth before closing it.

Another option? Scented sachets.

“So, first we went looking for these little spice bags, which you can find anywhere and then we went and found just a cute little attachment nike air max trainers a little appliqu you can sew on. You thread a little red string through them this is lavender. You can use any kind of potpourri or sachet,” says Benenson. “One thing you might want to do is intensify the scent a little bit, so nike air max trainers we added some extra lavender oil. You just have to be sure to let it dry completely before you put it in the bag.”

Soap in a handkerchief is also a thoughtful way to say “thank you,” as well as a bundle of thin notebooks wrapped in a pretty ribbon. And you don’t need to have a green thumb for this idea: a plant in a tea cup.

“First thing we did was go out to a little antique store or you can go to a kitchen supply store and we found cups and saucers,” says Benenson. “Now you can do matched or mismatched it really doesn’t matter.

nike air max trainers Simple Human 10When my kit

Simple Human 10

When my kitchen garbage can finally wore out after years of hard use, I wanted one of the sleek and stylish garbage cans manufactured by Simplehuman. I also wanted a can that would fit neatly against the side of my stove (our preferred spot) and come in white. The Simplehuman 10.5 Ga nike air max trainers llon Semi Round Step Can met these requirements, so I paid the high price (about $130) to own one. Its half moon shape does fit well against the stove. It’s a great garbage can, and it looks great in my kitchen. But it had better be, at that price.

Unlike the can it was replacing, the Simple Human 10.5 Gallon Semi Round Step Can’s exterior is made of enameled steel, not plastic. If you’re used to an old fashioned plastic kitchen garbage can, you’ll find that this one holds quite a bit more trash. It does, however, still easily accomodate a standard tall kitchen garbage bag.

To hide unsightly garbage bag edges, the can has an interior plastic bucket that actually holds the garbage bag, sort of a garbage can within a garbage can. To change the garbage bag, the manufacturer’s instructions call for us to lift out the plastic bucket, pull out the old bag, and line the can with a new one. We are then supposed to pull the bag tight around the bucket and tuck excess bag into a special “bag tuck area” that keeps the bag tight. The plastic bucket can then be replaced in the garbage can.

In practice, I find my husband can’t be bothered to go through all these steps. Instead, he leaves the bucket liner in place and places the plastic garbage bag around the exterior metal pail. So I’m still living with unsightly garbage bags.

Unlike less expensive metal garbage cans, the Simple Human 10.5 Gallon Semi Round Step Can has a metal (stainless steel lid) nike air max trainers , which I expect will improve its dura nike air max trainers bility. Having had to lift the lid of my old garbage can with my hands for many years, I find the step on feature is really convenient when I’m cooking. I’ve also found my kids like to play with the garbage can, repeatedly stepping on the lid to open it (I’m hoping the novelty of this will wear off soon.).

When I release the foot pedal, the lid closes slowly rather than slamming back down. This feels luxurious and is quiet, but it’s not really a necessity. Another nice feature is the ability to lock the lid in the open p nike air max trainers osition, handy if you are peeling carrots.

The Simple Human 10.5 Gallon Semi Round Step Can comes in several colors: white, black, mocha, and stainless. This is nice if you, like me, want a metal garbage can but don’t like the look of stainless steel. Clearly the manufacturer expects the product to last a long time; Simplehuman offers a 10 year warranty.

In summary, if you’re willing to spend $100 plus for a garbage can and want to indulge, go right ahead. You will enjoy the product. But if you’re not, you’ll do just fine with a less expensive model.

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